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Patriotic Today, Patriotic Everyday

Posted: August 15, 2018

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15th August, Independence Day. You get up to everyone wishing you a very Happy Independence Day. Thanks to the social media, every Indian can show how patriotic he/she is just by copy pasting or forwarding a Happy Independence Day message.

I came across one message which expressed the same emotion as mine. The message was “people who don’t think of the country for the rest of the year, suddenly start sending messages and showing patriotism on one day”  This message actually set me thinking.

Do we wish people a happy diwali everyday? Do we wish them a happy new year everyday? Do we wish them a happy birthday everyday? We don’t, so why expect that people should show patriotism everyday.

When we celebrate 15th August or 26th January, it should not be interpreted that we are patriotic only on those two days.

We are all busy in our respective roles as mothers , fathers, daughters, sons, and in our respective professions.   Should we not rejoice that we are at least getting a chance twice a year to show our love towards our motherland. Actually, not twice, don’t we also show patriotism whenever India is playing a cricket match? Of late we are showing our love to our country by standing by our players in all sports.

Let’s not belittle our emotions, let’s celebrate our nation, our independence, our leaders, our heroes at the border.

When little kids who don’t even understand the word independence, come to watch the flag hoisting, it’s a proud moment.

When  our children stand in attention singing the national anthem , it’s a proud moment.

When we stand with goosebumps singing our national anthem, it’s a proud moment.

So, all my fellow Indians, let’s  all bombard Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter with messages expressing our love to this beautiful , blessed country of ours.


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