Crazy, Flawed Is The Way To Be

Posted: August 19, 2018

Over the years, in what ways have you grown stronger? It’s time to take a count.

Now she’s stronger than you know

A heart of steel starts to grow

– The Script

When I look back, I  don’t feel stupid

anymore. I  am stronger now.

I  am not going to control my thoughts anymore, I am stronger now.

I am going to say it as it is. I am stronger now.

I don’t care for the people who have judged me anymore. I am stronger now.

I dont hide my tears anymore, I am stronger now.

I do not worry about the labels given to me. I  am stronger now.

I no longer hide my weakness from my kids. I am stronger now.

I no longer shy away from accepting the fact that I may not be knowing something. I am stronger now.

Letting go of things has made me stronger.

When moms who are never available for their kids tell me how to raise my kids, I let go.

When someone comments on my dress without knowing anything about me, I let go.

When someone, who doesn’t care to know about my state of mind,  gets hurt because I wasn’t paying attention to their woes and rants, I let go.

When someone takes credit for my work, I let go.

When the kids who never notice the well kept home, find something out of place, I let go.

When people think that I do not have anything better to do because I make myself available for them, I let go.

Yes, I have made a vow to let go of my fears.

Propensities that exist in all of us in various configuration of expression and suppression depending on one’s own innate uniqueness define us.

I no longer define myself as a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister.   I am lot more than that.

I am strong woman with a heart of steel.

First published here.

Image via Unsplash

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