Shouldn’t Teachers Change Their Perspective About The Grades Kids Get?

Recent conversation with my kid's teacher made me think that is it enough, if we, the parents, change our view about the grades our children get? Shoudn't the teachers also do the same?

Recent conversation with my kid’s teacher made me think that is it enough, if we, the parents, change our view about the grades our children get? Shoudn’t the teachers also do the same?

Very recently, there was a post going viral about a mom who was very happy that her son scored around 60%. There was a lot of appreciation for this, and it was endearing to read a new perspective. I was wondering, since last two days, how his teachers would have reacted to it.

I was thinking, is it enough, if we, the parents, change our view about the grades our children get.

The last time I met my son’s teacher after his term exams, she started the conversation by saying ” He has done well, a little more effort and next time he will get A1.”

She was shocked when I replied, ” But, he is already an A1 student for me. I am very happy. These marks don’t matter, don’t you think so too?”

She just smiled and said, “yes, of course”.

I know that I would be the topic of discussion in the staff room but it doesn’t matter. Though my son is just in primary, I can see the stress in him to excel.

I asked him one day as to why he is so obsessed with an A1. His reply got me thinking. He said, “because the teacher likes only the kids who get A1.”
He continued “you know, Rishab, he is a bully, he keeps troubling everyone, he uses foul language but still the teacher doesn’t say anything because he gets A1”.

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I was shocked. I calmly told him, that behaviour is more important than A1. No one will see or care about your A1 when you grow up, but they will surely hate you if you are a bully.

So, I told him that he should not worry, as long as he is doing well. Getting an A2 sometimes is fine.

When I was in school, some teachers were partial to the intelligent students but I thought things changed.I know teachers will naturally like the smarter ones but letting a bully getaway is not what I expected.

My son is little, so he is affected but I am sure he will change his views as he grows because I will help him to understand as to what is important.

But, I wish he didn’t have to worry so much.

It’s not enough for the parents to be ok with the grades our kids get, we should have teachers who understand that every child is different.

I wish the teachers tell the child who is very good in the art that he is a great artist instead of belittling him for his low grades. I wish the child who is very good in sports becomes the teachers favourite for a change.
So coming back to my question, is it enough if the parents are ok with the child’s grades? What about the teachers, because they are our partners in the child’s progress.

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