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My New Year Resolution Is To Be Kind To Myself

Posted: January 17, 2019

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As the new year rings in, the author makes a list of resolutions that she intends to follow and be a better version of herself.

Every time a new year ushers in, there is excitement and hope for some and some let out a sigh of relief that the year ended. Some very intelligent people say that only the date changes and it is no big a deal.

Whatever one may say, a new year is always associated with new beginnings. I have never made a new year resolution in my life. I saw my son making resolutions and I told him he is doing a very good job and he should follow what he has written. He asked me also to make a resolution. Just to satisfy him, I started thinking about what should be my resolutions if I really make them. It took me some time but I came up with some resolutions which I think I can keep.

  • I never knew I could write and I am a blogger now, so this year I will start painting, may be I can paint too, you never know.
  • I will exercise to feel good, not to look good. I know you can’t look 20, when you are 40. Acceptance is the key you see.
  • I will start eating every thing my granny used to eat. She never put on any weight. Maybe because she made everything she ate unlike me who just cuts open the packet of junk food.
  • I will not get worried looking at advertisement boards which tell us about all kinds of things that can go wrong with our body.
  • I will start saying, thank you to the maid, to the watchman, to the auto driver, to the cab driver, to the delivery boy.
  • I will smile at every familiar face.
  • I will Will try to get in touch with all my old friends.
  • I will spend more time with my mom.
  • I will volunteer to teach and will start with teaching the maid.
  • My most important resolution will be to be kind to myself.

So, what do you all think about my resolutions? Easy right? Share yours too.

Image Source: Pexels

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