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‘Men Will Be Men’ Is Passe, ‘Let Men Be’ Is The Way To Go #International Men’s Day

Posted: November 20, 2019

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Ah! I did not know that there was a day dedicated to men. Thanks to Ayushmann Khurrana, and thanks to the various social media sites who made his video viral, I got to know that there is a day dedicated to men.

He was appreciated to have come out and spoken about how to be a gentleman. Kudos to him. I saw the whole video and I thought it was good but it did not make a great impression because

  1. He spoke about a man’s weakness.
  2. He spoke about how a man should behave with women.
  3. He acknowledged that men cry too.

But I feel there is more to a man .

I actually thought that today’s newspaper will be full about offers on men’s clothing, gyms and all the products for men . Strange, there was no mention of International Men’s Day .

I don’t think men are bad consumers, especially this generation. I have seen men in the family and in the friend circle really indulging themselves.

No special parties, lunches or dinners are being planned.

I found a write up on how men are talking about mental illness and they were appreciated to have come out in open about mental illnesses among men, on International Men’s Day.

Why are we only talking or glorifying their weaknesses, why aren’t we talking about their achievements? Why are we only talking about their roles as sons, fathers, brothers and husbands?

There are men who can open jars, and there are men who can’t.

There are men who are CEO’s of multinational company but can’t teach their kids primary school maths.

There are men who are obsessed with looks and there are man who very comfortably flaunt their bald heads.

There are men who flirt anytime ,anywhere and there are men who are very shy around women.

There are men who wear pink and there are men who can’t look beyond whites and blues.

To all the Men out there. Happy Men’s day. You are important, needed and cherished.

I remember the ‘men will be men ‘ads. I still have a smile on my face , but I still say ‘let men be’.

Image via Pixabay

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