Women Want Chivalry But Are They Uncomfortable Returning The Favour? Why?

Anand Ahuja tying Sonam Kapoor's shoe laces looks cute! What if the women were tying the laces of their husband's shoes? What would the reaction be?

Last week a picture of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja was going viral on all social media sites. They are very famous and their pictures are always trending but this particular one was a little different because Anand was tying Sonam’s shoelaces.Yesterday, I saw a picture of Ranveer Singh holding Deepika Padukone ‘s slippers at a wedding. The internet went gaga.

The same thing happened when sometime back M. S. Dhoni tied his wife Sakshi’s shoelaces.The netizens were all praise for these men. The girls were swooning and praying that they all get such men as husbands.

I was thinking of what would have happened if there was a role reversal. What if, the women were tying the laces of their husband’s shoes?

What would the reaction be? All hell will break loose. Media will have a field day. The women who believe in equal rights and women empowerment will emerge from every corner of the world. Everyone will have an opinion.

At this juncture, I want to make it very clear that I am a feminist too, but my idea of feminism is equal opportunity, equal respect and equality in every sphere.

Now, comes the question, why is it okay if a man bends down to tie the laces and not okay when a woman does it? I know some women who will say that they are completely okay with them tying the laces too but this will be just to make a statement!

I know we should not advocate gender-specific roles and duties. We should rather be comfortable doing what we feel is right. A woman who ties her husband’s shoelaces should not be judged before knowing the reason.

Having said that I think all women, however, empowered they are, will love the men who are chivalrous. We would like it if they pull our chairs, if they stand up to greet us, if they step aside for us to enter or when they put their hands around us to guard us in a crowd.

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I know, we woman have mastered the art of taking care of ourselves, standing up for our rights but I think no woman is offended by politeness. This may sound old fashioned but I really am all for chivalry. And I too love watching the pictures of men who are chivalrous, they need not be celebrities, just gentlemen.

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