Life Lessons From Mom

Posted: November 26, 2018

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A beautiful letter from a mother to her son, in which she shares meaningful life-lessons to help him lead a happy life.

Life is amazing,

And then it’s awful,

And then it’s amazing again,

And in between the amazing and awful

It’s ordinary and mundane and routine.

Breathe in the amazing,

hold on through the awful, and relax

and exhale during the ordinary.

That’s just living heart breaking,

soul-healing, amazing, awful,

ordinary life.

And it’s breathtakingly

beautiful–  L. R. KNOST

Dear son,

This quote exactly sums up what I want to tell you.

Many a times we feel that life is not how it should have been. Life doesn’t always introduce us to the people we want to meet. Sometimes people come into our life to help you. Sometimes they come to hurt you. Sometimes they come to love you. Each one of them  will make you stronger and help you to become the person you are meant to be.

Life always does not happen the way we plan. You may grow up and choose a career which is completely different from what you are studying now. It’s ok, any knowledge is good knowledge. It will help you in some way or the other.

If something is meant for you, it will turn up when the time is right.

Always be open to listen, to understand and to learn. Don’t judge people by their wealth or the lack of it as well as their appearance.

I know your generation believes that you only live once so you should experience everything. Experiencing everything does not mean doing something just for the heck of it.

You only live once, so make your life something worth being remembered for.

It’s not cool, not to care. Effort is cool, caring is cool, respect is cool.

Don’t wait for your exam to get over to enjoy. Plan your day. Work hard, play hard.

Life is breathtakingly beautiful, enjoy every moment because you are worth it.

God bless you and love you.


Image Source: Pexels

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