Smriti Lamech

I am a natural wordsmith, journalist, and editor, with more than two decades of experience across print, broadcast, and web. After spending the initial years of my career working in the mainstream, I joined the gig economy and began working from home, much before the pandemic showed the world that it was possible, practical, and efficient! From being a certified English as a foreign language teacher, venturing into entrepreneurship with an American franchise - JEI Learning, an afterschool venture for which I set up the flagship centre in the NCR, and the corporate office for the country, there’s nothing I won’t try once. The pandemic and consecutive lockdown found me locked down in a small town in Tamil Nadu where I used my design sense, entrepreneurial skills, and desire to create social impact to create products that promoted feminism, disability inclusion, communal harmony, and anti-casteism while supporting a number of women’s groups, all of whom were primary earners. That support structure firmly anchored, I am back to my original love and path - communications. You can read more about me here -

Voice of Smriti Lamech

Why Shouldn’t Women At Work Receive Support During Menopause?

While menopause is an experience unique to women, it’s important for anyone they live or work with, to understand how it affects them, and what support they might need.

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Jacinda Arden
As I’ve Realised In Work And Life, We Need Empathetic Leaders Not Just Strong Men

A few months ago, I was selected for a course in leadership by a global consulting firm that my company organized for senior women leaders. Doing this changed the way I work.

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Dear Husbands, Stop Behaving Like Helpless Raja Betas So Wives Won’t Feel The Need To ‘Fuss’ Or ‘Nag’

Why do some women feel compelled to set down instructions about household chores when away from home? Are men really unable to take responsibility for this?

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