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Kamakshi S

Voice of Kamakshi S

Aditi Dar Tells Us About The Importance Of Listening To Your Inner Voice

Aditi Dar, a popular author at Women's Web, believes every woman deserves an identity that is only our own, separate from the world.

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Anupama Dalmia Tells Women They Are Only Answerable To Themselves

Anupama, an idealist at heart, believes that passing on the mic to amplify suppressed voices is the best way to show solidarity with the marginalised.

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Vijayalakshmi Harish Tells Us How She Reclaimed Her Voice And Her Sense Of Self Too

Vijayalakshmi Harish is always thorough in her research into any topic she takes on, digging up a lot of information and nuance, that shows in her ethical and honest posts, even when the topic is controversial.

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Tanvi Sinha Believes Sharing Your Heart Truly Helps You Heal

Tanvi Sinha minces no words when it comes to women’s rights in the home and the workplace and encourages all women to stand on their own two feet before anything else.

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Smita Sarda: We Were Never Told That Since We Are Girls, We Cannot Pursue Our Dreams

Meet Smita Sarda, a staunch feminist, one of the most widely read authors at Women's Web, a software engineer by profession and a writer at heart.

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Sonal Giani
Sonal Giani On Her Journey Of Self Acceptance & Being An LGBTQIA+ Activist In India

Sonal Giani: It isn't you who has to come out; it the workplace that has to come out of the closet about their support to the queer community!

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Latest NFHS-5 Data Shows 30% of Indian Women Face Domestic Violence…And That’s Just The Reported Number!

Violence in a marriage doesn’t always present itself overnight. There are many warning signs, and the women stuck in this feel fear.

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Yes, You Can Maintain Healthy Weight Even With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? Don’t panic, there is a lot you can do today to get healthy!

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