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the forensic department of civic-run KEM Hospital-Parel found that unnatural deaths of females are reported as “accidental deaths”
Violence Is The Cause Of Female ‘Accidental Deaths’: KEM Study

KEM Hospital found 'unnatural deaths' of females are reported as “accidental deaths.” 21% of these are caused by domestic violence!

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5 Indian Changemakers Tell Us Their Stories Of Being A Woman On Digital Spaces

It is high time women have complete access to resources and safe spaces online and offline to be themselves and grow as human beings. 5 changemakers tell their stories.

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Chained To Home, 1 In 2 Urban Indian Women Vulnerable To Violence, Lose Earning Opportunities: Survey

The lockdown may be over but it continues for many women across Indian homes; one wonders what impact it has on the lives of these homemakers doing invisible labour.

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Benefits Of Sesame Seeds and Oil Are Many, Including A Healthy Heart
15 Benefits Of Sesame Seeds and Oil

Here are 15 benefits of sesame seeds and oils that have long been overlooked, despite being a common ingredient in Indian cuisines.

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first aid training
‘Never Too Early For First Aid Training!’ Dr Shubhangi Tambwekar, Pathologist & First Aid Trainer

First aid training can equip you to save precious lives, and doesn't require a science background, says Dr Shubhangi. #WorldFirstAidDay

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digital marketing jobs
Digital Marketing Jobs: Why It Is A Great Career Choice For Women In A Post Pandemic World

Digital marketing jobs can be found in diverse industries, and a great opportunity for working from home with the relevant skills in place.

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cloud computing in India
8 Women Trailblazers In The World Of Cloud Computing In India

Cloud computing in India remains male dominated as a tech field, but a few amazing spirited women are making a name for themselves in it.

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cloud computing jobs
Cloud Computing Jobs: All You Need To Know To Get Into This New, Wondrous Field

Cloud computing jobs sound very futuristic, but do you know that CoWin, Aarogya Setu, MyGov Saathi, and other COVID-19 Data Repositories during the pandemic are all cloud computing? Read on.

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Anna Mani, The Amazing Woman Who Pioneered Meteorology And Alternative Renewable Energy In India

Anna Mani is India’s visionary weather woman, a pioneer who helped India become self-sufficient in science - a tribute to her on 23rd August, her birth anniversary. 

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artificial intelligence and machine learning
9 Indian Women In Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Who Are Breaking All Barriers!

Using their skills in AI, or artificial intelligence and machine learning, these Indian women are top tech entrepreneurs today!

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AI and machine learning
How To Build A Career In The Exciting New Field Of AI And Machine Learning?

The AI and machine learning industry is going to be a huge thing in the future. How do you make a career in it as an Indian woman?

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women in data science
8 Inspiring Indian Women In Data Science Making A Mark In A Rapidly Growing Field

There is a huge scope in today's world for women in data science, who can go to this career from varies streams of education.

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women game developers
10 Amazing Women Game Developers Who May Be The Brains Behind That Game You Love!

There's an erroneous belief that there can't really be women game developers! Really? Meet these amazing women who ace this industry.

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Why Doctors Are Often Not Able To Diagnose Women’s Complaints Correctly…

We are often taught that one should not question medical research, that it is inherently objective, rational, and free of bias, but we forget the biases of researchers who are also human.

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‘Iron Lady’ Durgabai Deshmukh, One Of The Makers Our Constitution, Began Life As An 8y.o Child Bride!

Durgabai Deshmukh was a trailblazer and one the great nation builders of India, a woman who dedicated her life to the freedom movement and social welfare.

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Vrushali Junnarkar Realised That She Had An Opinion And So Much To Say Once She Began Writing!

"There is only so much that my close family want to hear me ranting about, so I thought why not write so that other women who are probably in the same boat can listen to me and relate to what I feel?"

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Sonali D Tells Us To Live A Life Of Authenticity And Having No Regrets

Sonali on living life with no regrets and turning pop culture stories into important life lessons in her own quintessential way!

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Neetu Singh movies
On Her 64th Birthday, 11 Neetu Singh Movies For Your Weekend Binge!

Neetu Singh movies. There was always a certain joy that Neetu Kapoor brought to her performances. Today, on her birthday, here's our list.

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Pooja Priyamvada On The Importance Of Women Calling Out Abuse And Not Tolerating Society’s Labels

Pooja Priyamvada sensitively sheds light on various women's issues, especially the abusive and discriminatory treatment women face in all walks of life.

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Sreemati Sen
Sreemati Sen On The Importance Of Married Women Standing Up For Their Rights Early On

Sreemati on the trials and tribulations faced by Indian women and the hypocritical double standards women still battle in their marital homes.

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Hema Gopinathan
Hema Gopinathan Loves Being Called A Formidable Woman Whose Social Commentary Often Goes Viral

Hema G on the joys of "being a nothing" mom, on the privilege of ageing and what inspires her at the young age of 49, and on the role of feminists in society.

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Mom Wants Justice For Son Arvey, & For All Nameless Queer Students Bullied In Our Insensitive School System

Lack of sensitivity, and an unspoken yet strongly implemented taboo on access to information play a large part in the all pervasive queer phobia in Indian schools and colleges.

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Anushree’s Strong & Sensitive Writing Encourages Women To Self Reflect

Anushree on her passion for amplifying underprivileged voices, the power of slaying with her words and her love for all things literary!

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Paromita Bardoloi Tells Women Not To Sacrifice Everything For The Sake Of Love

Paromita advises all women to become financially independent, keep levelling up and have realistic expectations from life and relationships.

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Aditi Dar Tells Us About The Importance Of Listening To Your Inner Voice

Aditi Dar, a popular author at Women's Web, believes every woman deserves an identity that is only our own, separate from the world.

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Anupama Dalmia Tells Women They Are Only Answerable To Themselves

Anupama, an idealist at heart, believes that passing on the mic to amplify suppressed voices is the best way to show solidarity with the marginalised.

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Vijayalakshmi Harish Tells Us How She Reclaimed Her Voice And Her Sense Of Self Too

Vijayalakshmi Harish is always thorough in her research into any topic she takes on, digging up a lot of information and nuance, that shows in her ethical and honest posts, even when the topic is controversial.

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Tanvi Sinha Believes Sharing Your Heart Truly Helps You Heal

Tanvi Sinha minces no words when it comes to women’s rights in the home and the workplace and encourages all women to stand on their own two feet before anything else.

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Smita Sarda: We Were Never Told That Since We Are Girls, We Cannot Pursue Our Dreams

Meet Smita Sarda, a staunch feminist, one of the most widely read authors at Women's Web, a software engineer by profession and a writer at heart.

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Sonal Giani
Sonal Giani On Her Journey Of Self Acceptance & Being An LGBTQIA+ Activist In India

Sonal Giani: It isn't you who has to come out; it the workplace that has to come out of the closet about their support to the queer community!

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Latest NFHS-5 Data Shows 30% of Indian Women Face Domestic Violence…And That’s Just The Reported Number!

Violence in a marriage doesn’t always present itself overnight. There are many warning signs, and the women stuck in this feel fear.

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Yes, You Can Maintain Healthy Weight Even With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? Don’t panic, there is a lot you can do today to get healthy!

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