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Pooja Priyamvada On The Importance Of Women Calling Out Abuse And Not Tolerating Society’s Labels

Pooja Priyamvada sensitively sheds light on various women's issues, especially the abusive and discriminatory treatment women face in all walks of life.

This June we celebrated twelve years of Women’s Web, a community built by you – our readers and contributors. #12YearsOfWomensWeb

On this joyful occasion we present to you our next author Pooja Priyamvada, one of our most pragmatic, and a sensitive author.

Pooja wears many hats as an author, single parent, columnist, translator, online content creator & social media consultant. She is a poet, an awarded bi-lingual blogger, and is a trained psychological/mental health first-aider and grief facilitator. She is also an emotional wellness trainer, reflective listener, a mental health researcher, and a suicide prevention activist. 

“So I got trained in mental health and psychological first aid, grief counseling and mindfulness so that I can help others in mental health crisis. I am also a disability activist because I live with an invisible disability. I write mental health columns, conduct emotional wellness training and I also translate.” 

Pooja approaches everything with a scientist’s astuteness, placing facts and figures before emotion. Yet, her writing is deeply empathetic while always backed by data and hard facts to back her claims. Her posts are a mix of hard headed pragmatism and an empathetic understanding of how Indian women’s lives are.

She also speaks vociferously about issues of gender, identity, and marginalization at varied international platforms.

Changing how people view single parents in Indian society is something Pooja is passionate about. “Being a single parent here among all this is also a challenge and I want to change the perception of society about single mothers and motherhood in general. It isn’t about sacrifice but thriving as an individual and not just a mom.” 

Pooja has written several ebooks such as Mental Health: A Primer and Lessons for Life from Death: Papa & I that are available on Amazon Kindle. She has also translated from Hindi to English A Night in the Hills, a collection of short stories by Manav Kaul published by Westland Books in 2019, and Caregivers’ Handbook for Down’s Syndrome published by Sangati Foundation in 2021 and Joseph Murphy’s Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Hindi for Penguin India in 2022 

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Her most popular post is a moving piece about how Mandira Bedi drew the ire of a patriarchal Indian society for doing her husband’s last rites and wearing non traditional attire. Pooja exposes the regressive mindsets we still have towards women when it comes to attending funerals of their loved ones and performing funeral rites and rituals. Trolls Get Nasty At Mandira Bedi Not Fitting Into Their Ideas Of ‘Adarsh Bhartiya Naari’

Her other popular posts 

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On how to recognise rape culture in our society How To Recognise Rape Culture In A Society, In 11 Easy To Understand Points

A moving piece on grief, memories, and letting go of her father Saying Goodbye To My Father. Winning Entry By Pooja Sharma Rao For The #GoodwynTea Writing Contest

A hard hitting piece rebutting the RSS chief’s regressive comments RSS Chief’s Comment On Divorces Shows That We Still Want Women To Suffer In Unhappy Marriages

On how women’s symptoms are not taken seriously in the medical community Why Is It So Easy To Disbelieve (And Gaslight) A Woman In Pain?

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Another hard hitting piece on the need to stop victim blaming Put The Blame Where It Belongs – Rapists Enabled By Rape Culture, Poor Sex Education, & Violent Porn

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