Anupama Dalmia Tells Women They Are Only Answerable To Themselves

Anupama, an idealist at heart, believes that passing on the mic to amplify suppressed voices is the best way to show solidarity with the marginalised.

Anupama writes with a clear vision of what she wants to say, and makes sure she explores all possible facets of the topic, be it parenting or work or on books.

An intelligent, extroverted writer with a ton of empathy, she is also one who thinks aloud in her writing. Anupama says that she is largely a self driven person, and her passion to write keeps her motivated.

Among her many achievements Anupama is also a multiple award winning blogger, author, serial entrepreneur, a digital content creator, creative writing mentor, choreographer and mother to a rambunctious 7-year-old who is her life’s inspiration and keeps her on her toes. 

She is the State President (Telangana) of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is on the advisory board of several NGOs. She is a Karamveer Chakra (Silver) awardee which is a Global Civilian Honour presented by International Confederation of NGOs in association with the United Nations. 

She says, “My work gives me a high she says, and it gives me a strong sense of being. It is just the madness of exploring and pushing my own self, and discovering things about myself I guess. However, I must mention here that my daughter has a huge role to play in my journey because I also want to set a good example for her.”

Life changing decisions 

For Anupama, life is an open road and she believes one should be free to pursue their dreams and grow in any direction they wish to. Although she had always been passionate about her work, she took the courageous decision to quit her lucrative corporate job at Infosys and pursue other interests and grow in different directions.

Anupama had just resigned in January 2013 when the Nirbhaya incident occurred. Little did she know that this national tragedy would change her life. She explains, “Not many know that the Nirbhaya incident was also a huge trigger for me. I wanted to do something on the ground in the social space, and I volunteered with an NGO and got involved in the rehabilitation of human trafficking survivors.

She describes the experience as life changing, taking her life in a different direction. “It also made me realise that when we do something for the betterment of the society, it is a privilege and the least we can do. Helping someone or making someone’s life better should make us feel humble, and not great.”

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To Anupama, living with compassion for your fellow human beings and passing the mic to amplify suppressed voices is the only way forward for a better world. Every voice matters, no voice is too small. 

Her journey with Women’s Web

Anupama began her journey as a professional writer in February 2016 when she came upon our website. “Later that year, while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I chanced upon a post from Women’s Web which caught my attention. I visited the website and loved the posts, and submitted some of mine too which received a great response on the platform. The Women’s Web team was always so encouraging that eventually the community that we built felt like home.”

Anupama believes in the power of self reflection, empathy and introspection to lead a more fulfilled life. “A thing I have learnt in all these years is to never negate someone’s lived experience. If we truly want a better world, every voice deserves to be heard. Passing on the mic is one of the best ways we can show solidarity at times when we feel we cannot do anything else.”

“I think Women’s Web is an excellent platform which has empowered so many in these 12 years. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this inspiring, vibrant and safe community. I hope to be able to attend more events to connect more frequently with the team, readers and fellow writers.”

On facing everyday sexism

Like every woman, Anupama too has faced casual sexism in the world of entrepreneurship. “Once there was this gentleman who approached me asking for the Founder of Rhythms & Beats. When I told him it was me, he expressed surprise because he was expecting a ‘male’ founder and eventually, whatever collaboration he was reaching out for never materialised.

I guess every woman entrepreneur has such experiences from time to time. It is high time people start taking them more seriously. What we do is not ‘timepass’ or ‘hobby’ or ‘phase’. This is one of my biggest pet peeves – women entrepreneurs/writers not being taken seriously or their work being thought of as less important than corporates or big businesses.”

Advice to new parents 

Her advice to women, especially new parents, is to live life unapologetically and mistakes are okay. And to focus on the most important relationship you have in your life – the one you have with yourself. “You are not answerable to anyone else but to your own self.

At the end of the day, it is between you and your conscience. It is ok to give junk food to your child when you are tired. It is ok if you forgot to attend a parent-teacher meeting due to workload. It is ok to want to have the piece of chocolate for yourself too. It is all ok. 

Those who want to criticise you will never stop at one thing. So please focus on your support system and surround yourselves with those who truly care.” 

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