Aditi Dar Tells Us About The Importance Of Listening To Your Inner Voice

Aditi Dar, a popular author at Women's Web, believes every woman deserves an identity that is only our own, separate from the world.

Aditi Dar is representative of many young Indian women’s voices today. Her writing is feminist, often snarky and rib-ticklingly humorous all the while calling out stereotypes.

Aditi offers a fresh perspective in all her pieces and writes about hard hitting topics that makes the reader think. 

Aditi has always been an avid reader and a book hoarder, and says she used to finish reading lengthy novels in a day. “I recall devouring my english textbooks in school even before the year started. My only goal in school was to finish reading as many books as I could from the library.

One would feel after reading so many books I would have a favourite author or book but only a book lover would know how difficult it is to choose!”

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Aditi completed her post-graduation and management in finance. Before embarking on writing she worked in finance and worked in companies like Standard Chartered and Kotak Mahindra. 

Inspiration from everyday life

About her transition from the finance world to becoming a writer she says, “My mind is always buzzing with thoughts and once in a while I put them on paper. One such day I wrote an article and published it on Women’s Web not knowing whether it would be published or even read by the people. To my surprise it resonated with a lot of people and I realised I should be writing more.”

Aditi finds writing inspiration from everyday people and stories, and real life experiences of her friends and acquaintances. “We believe we live in an equal world but it is far from that (leaving a few exceptions). The best feeling is when women comment on my articles that it moved them and it inspired them to do things differently.”

No action is too small 

“It’s not possible to make a difference in everyone’s life, but if what I write matters to one person and changes their life then it’s a life well lived for me!” says Aditi.

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She adds, “I remember reading a chapter in my 10th std textbook- ‘The Impossible Dream’ by ‘Art Buchwald’. It is a conversation between a man and his friend, the man believes that even the smallest gestures and words matter while his friend is cynical that it is impossible for one man to make any difference.

An excerpt from the article reads:

The most important thing is not to get discouraged,” he responded.

“Making people in this city become kind again is not an easy job, but if I can enlist other people in my campaign…” 

“You just winked at a very plain looking woman,” I said. 

“Yes, I know,” he replied.

“And if she’s a school teacher, her class will be in for a fantastic day

“This story keeps reminding me to always do my bit however small it may be and to never underestimate the value of a word or a kind deed.”

Aditi’s love for all things creative

Aditi loves all kinds of creativity and is an avid dancer, she has learned dance with Shiamak Davar for over fifteen years. She loves painting, and of course, writing is her first love and passion. 

“I love experimenting and writing various genres but my favourite has to be writing about women and their various shades. I realise I only have a voice because of the many women who fought for it and I don’t intend to take it for granted.

Women are not perfect, people are not perfect, not everything is black and white in life and we need to learn to embrace the grey areas as well. You may like what I write or you may dislike it but there are stories that need to be told. These are my thoughts and when you read them you enter my world and I run my own world!”

Following her curiosity 

Aditi believes in following one’s inner voice to lead a more authentic life. She encourages women to follow their instincts when making life decisions. For only you know what is best for you at the end of the day, and we must learn to drown out external voices and influences. For Aditi, the answers to life’s unique predicaments lie within us.

“Very often we ignore that little voice inside us that tells us to do something or try something new. I’ve been guilty of the same. All my life I envied people who painted and wished for a talent like that until one day I surprised myself by painting a picture that otherwise I would only admire.

Similarly all my life I’ve been surrounded by books, reading and collecting them, wishing I could write something till one day I just picked up my pen and the words flowed.

Always follow your inner instincts and believe that everything is possible. Women are so much more than just daughters, wives and mothers. We all deserve an identity that is only our own separate from the world and trust me it’s possible.”

Aditi’s most popular story on Women’s Web is an insightful piece that encourages women to stop sacrificing themselves in the kitchen and not fall for the toxic glorification of motherhood to keep a family happy. She goes on to hit home the point that a woman’s sense of value and worth cannot be measured by how much she “sacrifices” for her family. I’m A Wife & Mom But YES I Want My Share In The Last Piece Of Cake!

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