Instagram’s #grombre Movement Ditches The Double Standards Around Grey Hair

#grombre is a recent trend on Instagram where women from various parts of the world started posting pictures with grey hair.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say! But i feel that beauty should come from within with strength and courage to admit what we are. Many body positivity movements around the globe gives us hope for better world out there. But what i realised is that ageing in women is never considered as a natural process. In fact most women feel highly insecure when those silver lines over the hair roots sprouts out.

I have seen a number of women who try to cover up the natural grey with hair colour or dye. They never show up the grey in confidence and spend thousands with their hair dresser.Why does it happen while everybody talks about body positivity? Why should we fear, or feel insecure about something natural that happens along with ageing process of our body?

I am forced to draw the conclusion that women fall prey to the double standards of the society! Yes we fear about what people think about those silvery linings of hair strands or may be hate the idea of being an old person. Nevertheless, I was counting to that very day when I find that one silver strand with a sad grin.

I must say all thanks to Instagram that it shattered my very idea of ageing and fear of grey hair by the #grombre movement which is recently shaking up the internet. Now I feel excited to share this with you all!

#grombre is a recent trend on Instagram where women from various parts of the world started posting pictures with grey hair. They were ready to embrace the beauty of those silver strands and flaunted it with sheer confidence. This really ditched the idea or double standards in women being old and welcomed the process of ageing with warmth and strength.

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I saw a number of Instagram profiles where women post pictures of their natural grey with confidence. This marks the beginning of tremendous power and courage which gives us the idea that we can be ourselves!

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