Effective administrator, coordinator & communicator,retired with 38 yrs of experience as Manager,Corp.Commn,ICICI Bank.Invited back as consultant after retirement to archive history of the bank. Hold event management diploma from NIEM, Mumbai and certificate in Voiceover & Dubbing from Sugar Mediaz,Mumbai. Presently, a freelancer, and authored & published nonfiction book "Young and Sixty" and short stories collection"Twisted Tales and More.." Am also Writer & Director of two social cause films, host & interviewer, a Blogger & Podcaster titled "crossleggedwithhiramehta" on anchor.fm/hira-mehta & www.headfone.co.in. Winner of the REX Karmaveer Global Fellow 2018-19-Bronze Award. Featured on Republic TV, VideoconDT3 channel & Tata Sky for her work. Founder Member & Hon.Sec. of “Arunima”, women’s forum, supporting causes of women empowerment, child education as also support Dementia&Alzheimer/Environment issues.Content writer & proof reader of content/websites/ annual reports,etc. Motivational speaker on living life as a senior. Mentored fellow designates of YES Foundation on communication skills&content writing past 3 years. In the past regularly contributed interviews of local celebs in TOI's local supplements & local newspapers. Writing short stories and re-cycle craft is my passion and her motto is “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’”.


Demotivation Is Never The Answer

Dissatisfaction leads to demotivation and demotivation leads to depression.

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As A Woman, Why Can’t I Enjoy Spending My Own, Hard-Earned Money?

I often find it difficult to spend on myself, and it is not about the money. It is all about deciding what I would rather spend my money on and that is what it should be all about.

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Woman, You’re Two Sides Of A Coin – Shattering Myths Yet Staying Silent And In Pain

Woman, in silence there is a lot to lose- denial, fear, traditions, society are no excuse. And on the other side you've shattered myths, scaled new heights

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Are Fairy Tales For Children Done With? Not If You Value The Imagination

While some parents feel fairy tales for children are out-dated, children still create their own fantasies, using these good-over-evil stories.

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People, Stop Holding Grudges, It’ll Only Harm You!

Holding grudges is something all of us has done at some point in time. But what good does it do to you, except making you a grumpy, angry person?

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I Tried Detoxing From Social Media For 24 Hours And Here Are The Thoughts I Had

In today's day and age, detoxing from social media, ever so often has become necessary. But does it mean social media is bad? Read on to see if you agree.

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The Power Of Face To Face Conversations That I Have Missed Due To This Coronavirus Scare

Sitting at home in this in this time of social distancing as the coronavirus rears its head, I am really starting to miss meeting people face-to-face.

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How To Effectively Deal With The Guilt Of Saying No

As someone who could rarely say 'no' when asked for anything, the author faced a lot of issues. However, she finally learnt to say it and you can too!

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Just Three Words

Isn't it funny how just three words stringed together can read like a poem and can make a lot of sense too.

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I Thought I Could Be Healthy Like My Neighbour, Till I Found My Thing!

Eating right and exercising has been praised for a very long time. But things work differently for everyone. This is why it's vital you find your routine and follow it!

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What If Men Gave Birth; Would Women Get Better Lives?

Let your mind float away on a wave of imagination - can you dream of a better life for women? Something different to our worlds?

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Senior Citizen? Not Me! It’s My Second Innings

Growing old does not have to mean that your life is over. As a senior citizen, time is all yours now. So go do all the things you could not until now.

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