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What If Men Gave Birth; Would Women Get Better Lives?

Posted: February 19, 2020

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Let your mind float away on a wave of imagination – can you dream of a better life for women? Something different to our worlds?

What if this world was not really round
Would man be jumping into nothing beyond..
What if men gave birth, would women get new lives?
Would men for a change,  wait home for their wives?

What if you knew you had just one day to live
Would you kill someone or seize the day and forgive
What if you could be any age for a week
Would you be five or sixty three

Chose to live carefree …..
Or be dead as dead can be
What if you had a chance to ‘do over’ in life
Would you choose this same life of strife
Or would you wish for something more
Maybe forever youth… money for sure!

And if you could travel to the moon
Knowing that earth would perish soon
Who would you take with you
If you had to choose a handful few

What if you could keep just two things with you
How difficult would that be to see through
Possessions, health, family or friends
I guess it will just depend..

If you could witness something from the past
Would you change it to make it last….
Listen to your brain or listen to your heart
Would you even know where to start

What if an alien ship took you away
Into the skies, dark galaxy to stay
Beyond sparkling moonbeams and stardust
Would you ever return to polluted earths crust

What if you were as bored as me today
Writing a poem to keep boredom away
Or perhaps, listening to me droning in your ears
Oh please , just tune off.. I might talk for years!

Image source: a still from Ranjhana

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