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Woman, You’re Two Sides Of A Coin – Shattering Myths Yet Staying Silent And In Pain

Posted: April 30, 2020

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Woman, in silence there is a lot to lose- denial, fear, traditions, society are no excuse. And on the other side you’ve shattered myths, scaled new heights

Woman… still two different sides of a coin
One silent, she dare not dream.
The other scaling heights, forging the stream

When a woman is silent, not daring to dream
Things are not as simple as they seem!
As if a bearer of doom, when a girl is born,
She cowers in fear of that undeserving scorn
Every time she faces her husband’s wrath,
She forgives… as that what she’s been taught!

Oh woman, in silence there is a lot to lose
Your daughters too will never dare to choose
You know it well, but you’re not even trying
life is passing by… your spirit is dying
There is always a choice
but you let it go, never raising a voice,
in times of violence, rape, abuse…
Suppressing the power within you to use

Oh woman, in silence there is a lot to lose
Denial, fear, traditions, society are no excuse

Oh woman, on the other side of the coin
You’ve shattered myths, scaled new heights
Fulfilled dreams, fought for what’s right
Letting go of guilt to reach your goal
You and only you, the master of your soul
You’ve broken shackles of tradition, and society
You are today your own first priority
Breaking free to follow that voice
That’s calling you to make your choice

Now that your choice is made
Reach out to those, standing in the shade
Scared, silent and still cowering in fright
Lend a hand and show them the light

For every woman who suffers trauma and violence,
Another gets crushed, and learns to suffer in silence.

A woman, two different sides of a coin
One is frightened and silent
The other vibrant and defiant
A woman, till today two different sides of a coin.

Picture credits: Pexels

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