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best foods for pregnant women
15 Best Foods For Pregnant Women From Our Very Own Indian Kitchen!

What to eat when pregnant? Here is a detailed list of best foods for pregnant women from our very own Indian kitchen! Go for it guilt free!

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The Many Health Benefits of Garlic: From Great Skin To Cancer Prevention

Did you know the health benefits of garlic from skin health, to boosting immunity, to better renal health? Include garlic in your diet now!

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Ela Bhatt, Reema Nanawaty, SEWA
Ela Bhatt, Reema Nanavaty And Sewa: From Group To A Movement

Founded by Ela Bhatt, now led by Reema Nanavaty, SEWA is a trade union that advocates for the rights of low-wage, self-employed women.

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Namita Thapar Emcure
Why Namita Thapar Of Emcure Has No Room For Regrets!

Meet Namita Thapar, the Executive Director of Emcure and the face of one of the year's most viral catchphrases, "Ye meri expertise nahi hai!"

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outdoor adventure camps in India for kids
5 Adventure Camps In India For Your Kids To Nurture Their Spirit!

Here is a list of 5 outdoor adventure camps in India for that memorable and life-changing experience your children need this summer.

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Vineeta Singh, Founder CEO SUGAR
Vineeta Singh, Founder-CEO SUGAR Cosmetics, Reveals Her Not-So-Sweet Journey!

Vineeta Singh, founder and CEO of SUGAR cosmetics, earns approximately 22 crores per annum, and her brand is worth 750 crores today! 

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Is Chapati Good For Thyroid? Which Roti Is Best For Hypothyroidism?

When we are struggling with any thyroid condition, questions like- is chapati good for thyroid- bother us a lot. Here is what I found out...

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How The Indian Ethnic Co. Founders Hetal & Lekhinee Desai Danced Their Way To Success

Hetal Desai started The Indian Ethnic Co. & Lekhinee & Twaara Desai's viral dance reels, helped the brand grow in ways beyond imagination...!

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How Did India’s First Woman Lawyer, Indu Malhotra, Directly Become A Supreme Court Judge!

Justice Indu Malhotra, the first woman lawyer rose above the bar to directly become a Supreme Court judge! And this was just the beginning!

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Why Quirksmith? Founders Divya & Pragya Batra Have Unique Brand Philosophy

Bangalore based jewellery brand Quirksmith founders Divya & Pragya Batra created a handcrafted jewellery brand that is much more than what meets the eye!

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Nat Habit Co-Founder Swagatika Das On India’s First 100% Natural Beauty Care

Nat Habit co-founder Swagatika Das wanted to make natural products inspired by old traditions & created in our grandmothers' kitchens.

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Is It Safe To Eat Makhana During Pregnancy – 9 Must Know Benefits Of Fox Nuts

Discover the benefits and potential side effects of Makhana during pregnancy. Learn about balanced consumption for a healthy pregnancy.

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It Takes Two To Have An Affair Yet Only The Woman Is Labeled Mistress, Why?

Did the man not have a part to play in the extramarital affair? Why is it 'just an extramarital affair' for the man & 'mistress' for the woman?

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How 80 y/o Radha Daga, Founder Triguni Eze Eats Is Living Her Dream!

At 69, Radha Daga, founder of Triguni Eze Eats launched a ready to eat food brand now available on flights, trains, Amazon & retail stores.

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List Of 60 First Indian Women In Various Fields Who Made History!

This is a list of the first Indian women in various fields, who made history. I am sure that's not all & there will be many more in future!

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How Arati Saha Became The First Asian Woman To Cross The English Channel

On 29th September 1959, Arati Saha, an Indian swimmer, became the first asian woman to complete a successful swim across the English Channel. 

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Pregnant? Here Is A List Of 23 Indian Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Worry not as we've compiled a list of all the suggested Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy so that you and your baby are taken care of!

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How #SearchForChange Openly Acknowledges AND Calls Out The Stereotypes We Live By Everyday

Google's #SearchForChange billboards have featured many women from different fields, women of changing India, & what they face every day...

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Why Kalpana Saroj, CEO of Kamani Tubes, Is The Original Slumdog Millionaire

Meet Kalpana Saroj who is the CEO of Kamani Tubes with personal assets worth $112 million. Know why is she the original slumdog millionaire.

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The First Woman SEBI Chief Madhabi Puri Buch Always Wanted To Make A Difference!

The first ever women SEBI Chief, Madhabi Puri Buch once again establishes the fact, 'women who take charge, bring important changes!'

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Susmita Bagchi, Co-Founder Of Mindtree Proves She Has A Golden Heart!

Susmita Bagchi, along with being the co-founder of Mindtree and a philanthropist is also a remarkable writer. She has published five novels!

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widow pension scheme
What Is India’s Widow Pension Scheme And How To Apply For It

Now through the Widow Pension Scheme, widowed women will have some financial autonomy at least, and not need to depend so much on others.

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K drama
Watch These 6 Women Centric Korean Dramas On A Wave Of Popularity Now!

Korean drama, or K drama as they is popularly known, are extraordinarily well made and engaging pop content from a culture that is surprisingly like ours.

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how to stay safe from COVID
‘Follow 3 Things To Stay Safe’ Mumbai Infectious Diseases Doctor Makes A Desperate Appeal

“We feel helpless, never seen such a situation before, people are panicking!” While narrating her pain, the doctor tells you how to stay safe from COVID.

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My Husband Sells Food I Pack For Office To Colleagues, And Buys Fast Food From The Money!

"He said I shouldn't feel mad since he's making his own money to buy his own lunch. But I'm not accepting what he did. I'm hurt and I wish he understood how I felt."

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Christie Dias’ Journey From National-Level Volleyball To Plumbing Is Awe-Inspiring!

A national-level volleyball player and one of the few female plumbers in the country, Christie Dias breaks stereotypes while fixing pipes!

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