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Mrigya Rai

A student with a passion for languages and writing.

Voice of Mrigya Rai

widow pension scheme
What Is India’s Widow Pension Scheme And How To Apply For It

Now through the Widow Pension Scheme, widowed women will have some financial autonomy at least, and not need to depend so much on others.

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K drama
Watch These 6 Women Centric Korean Dramas On A Wave Of Popularity Now!

Korean drama, or K drama as they is popularly known, are extraordinarily well made and engaging pop content from a culture that is surprisingly like ours.

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how to stay safe from COVID
‘Follow 3 Things To Stay Safe’ Mumbai Infectious Diseases Doctor Makes A Desperate Appeal

“We feel helpless, never seen such a situation before, people are panicking!” While narrating her pain, the doctor tells you how to stay safe from COVID.

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My Husband Sells Food I Pack For Office To Colleagues, And Buys Fast Food From The Money!

"He said I shouldn't feel mad since he's making his own money to buy his own lunch. But I'm not accepting what he did. I'm hurt and I wish he understood how I felt."

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Christie Dias’ Journey From National-Level Volleyball To Plumbing Is Awe-Inspiring!

A national-level volleyball player and one of the few female plumbers in the country, Christie Dias breaks stereotypes while fixing pipes!

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