My Husband Sells Food I Pack For Office To Colleagues, And Buys Fast Food From The Money!

"He said I shouldn't feel mad since he's making his own money to buy his own lunch. But I'm not accepting what he did. I'm hurt and I wish he understood how I felt."

“He said I shouldn’t feel mad since he’s making his own money to buy his own lunch. But I’m not accepting what he did. I’m hurt and I wish he understood how I felt.” 

Translated from the original in Hindi by the author herself.

Reddit is a site where people share a variety of things, especially anonymously.

In some posts, people express their concern, or ask for advice on something or tell their story or anecdotes. While surfing through the site, i found a very confession/ story from a woman about her husband’s antics.

In this post on Reddit,  a 33-year-old woman writes that she has now decided not to give her husband tiffin to take to work, as she came to know that her husband used to sell the food she had made to his colleagues.

Telling about when she started suspecting her husband, she writes, “My husband works at an advertising company. We’re struggling a bit financially because we’re saving up to purchase a new apartment. He is used to eating fast food and it was costly. He had no problem spending money daily on fast food and after doing the math he spends more than 300 a month on just fast food. 20$ daily. We live in an expensive area. I talked to him about it. He agreed that I would make sandwiches for him to take with him to work.

That way he eats healthy and we spare money for rent. Everything was going on well. I noticed he wouldn’t respond when I ask whether he liked the sandwiches I make. But kept asking me make more than 2 since he was hungry.”

Found out about his antics through his friends

Coming to the hilarious part of the post, where she reveals how she found out about her husband’s little business.

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“Yesterday. He came home with his friend and coworker. We sat at the dinner table and his friend brought up the sandwiches I made for my husband. And how delicious they are. I thanked him then he said the price was a bit much. I was confused. I asked him to explain and he said my husband sells the sandwiches I make to his co-workers, then goes to buy his own lunch from the restaurant.”

“I was stunned but my husband denied it. I began arguing with him after his friend left. He said there was nothing wrong with it.”

“I told him I will no longer be making him sandwiches if he’s selling them to buy fast food. He defended himself calling this an overreaction since he’s not spending money on fast food and said I was being unfair to start an argument over this.”

Victim playing, and also gaslighting the wife

She was immensely hurt and upset by her husband’s behaviour of ignoring her efforts and love. She went to her room and sat there.

Later her husband comes to the room and says she owes him an apology. “He said I owe him an apology for God knows what, and he didn’t think it was acceptable of me to lash out and say I won’t make him sandwiches anymore.”

The wife put all her effort and love into making those sandwiches for him. And he sold those sandwiches to other people paying no consideration towards her efforts, and that too behind her back. And yet denying it and asking her to apologise for getting upset? It’s not like the wife did this for her own benefit. She was not only saving money, but she was also taking care of her husband’s health. Was she wrong in this?

People expressed their views in the comments

Yet though reading the post left me in hysterics, I also felt sad for that woman. Poor lady, who prepares home cooked food for her husband to take to work with great love every day, and that loving food is being sold by her husband to others?

In the comments of this post, people wrote their views on the whole situation. One person wrote, “He was taking advantage of your kindness and labor. He was selling them in a secret way because he knew it was wrong.”

Adding to that comment someone wrote, “And by setting the price as he did (guest commented it was high) he’s also besmirching her name because he’s making it clear she’s the sandwich maker.”

One person smartly advised her, “maybe consider opening a sandwich delivery service? Sounds like they’re hot ticket items.”

Some even sympathised with the husband and wrote that he might actually be addicted to fast food and may need therapy.

One of the comments I agreed with most said, “Let him make his own sandwiches to sell if he’s so hellbent on spending money on fast food.”

“I will not make sandwiches for him anymore” Is this reaction valid or not?

At first when reading this, it seems like a very humorous situation, everyday banter between every husband and wife. But think of how the poor wife must have felt, after hearing that her husband was selling food made with love and hard work, to buy food from restaurants.

She later expresses her sorrow by commenting under her post, “Yes. I couldn’t help but feel that it was disrespectful of him. He ignored that I made so much effort trying to make him a variety of sandwiches. And taking time at night to prepare everything. Not to mention going to the grocery store and buying the things he prefers.”

“He makes about 15$ a day by selling sandwiches and goes to buy his lunch from the restaurant. He said I shouldn’t feel mad since he’s making his own money to buy his own lunch. But I’m not accepting what he did. I’m hurt and I wish he understood how I felt.”

I feel she is right on her part, any human being will feel this as a betrayal. A person works hard and makes something for someone and that person takes advantage of the same thing, that too behind the back, sells that item to someone else? This is wrong.

But the husband’s smartness should also be noted.  One needs a very smart mind to come up with such an idea. But if I were in the situation, I would have taught him a lesson for life.

What do you think?  Was it wrong for her husband to sell the sandwiches she made to others? And is it valid for her to decide not to make sandwiches for her husband or not?

Image source: a still from the film Thappad

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