The Many Health Benefits of Garlic: From Great Skin To Cancer Prevention

Did you know the health benefits of garlic from skin health, to boosting immunity, to better renal health? Include garlic in your diet now!

We all know that garlic can do wonders when added to a dish; its taste-enhancing qualities are well known, but did you know that in the good old days, garlic was used for its medicinal benefits as well?

Garlic is known for its distinctive taste but the health benefits of garlic are well worth a discussion. 

As with many other Indian household ingredients like turmeric, clove, etc, garlic is also one of the food items that have great medicinal properties.

Any Indian dish is incomplete without onion. Garlic comes from the same family as onion, the Allium (onion) family. Garlic contains sulfur compounds, which are believed to bring some health benefits.

Along with its strong taste and automatic smell, Garlic is also incredibly nutritious. It is low in calories and rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and manganese. It also contains trace amounts of various other nutrients.

These are the many known benefits of garlic on our health, but there are also some benefits that specifically might be helpful for women that we might have never heard of.

So, here are some lesser-known benefits of garlic:

Super skin

Acne problems and skin damages? While garlic might not be the only or most effective solution for it, it does carry antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti fungal which might be beneficial in fighting many skin problems.

Garlic can also be used in paste form for applying on any kind of injury or wound on the skin as it can be useful in reducing scarring and destroying the bacteria. It also helps to increase longevity and growth of skin cells and over time may also have anti-aging effects.

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Useful for the immune system

Garlic’s main medicinal properties include strengthening immunity. Garlic has an abundant anti-oxidant element, which helps in fighting diseases and boosts the body’s immunity system.

It can not only strengthen the immunity power of women but is useful in removing viral infections as well. When women’s immune system is weak, then they are exposed to a viral infection quickly, in such a situation, consuming garlic regularly can be very useful for women. 

Helps in reducing weight

To reduce weight, many women use various home remedies. Garlic is one such food item that has many nutritious properties which can help in reducing weight.

Thermogenic substances are found in raw garlic, which can not only generate heat in the body but the metabolism can be increased by consuming raw garlic which helps in reducing weight.

It also helps you to flush out the toxins from the body along with which your liver also gets purified. This also helps in weight reduction.

Cancer prevention

 Women are prone to breast cancer and cervical cancer etc. Cancer being a terminal disease is not something that should be cured relying on home remedies, it should be treated professionally by doctors only. But there are various nutrients in garlic that when consumed can help in the prevention of cancer.

The selenium as well as the allelin enzyme found in garlic has anti-cancer properties, which reduces the chances of cancer to a great extent.

Garlic also contains disulfide which helps in preventing antioxidants stress. Therefore, consuming 1-2 cloves of garlic may help in preventing cancer.   

Lowers cholesterol

Very few people are aware that garlic is also very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. It helps in increasing good cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol.

In fact, women are at a higher risk of developing cholesterol levels than men. Therefore, by consuming garlic, you can manage your cholesterol level. Because of this, a significant improvement in blood circulation can also be seen in women.

Takes care of heart

One of the benefits of consuming garlic is that it is helpful in taking care of your heart.  When you consume garlic, it is helpful in preventing blood clotting which further helps to protect you from stroke, heart blockage, etc. 

Reduce effects or onset of osteoarthritis

Garlic is very beneficial in removing the problem of arthritis in women. Consuming garlic in your regular diet can also help to prevent or reduce the onset of osteoarthritis.

Research has shown that garlic contains a compound known as diallyl disulfide which helps to maintain bone density and therefore can potentially delay the onset of bone-related ailments like osteoarthritis. 

It is also good after the detection of arthritis. If you are troubled by the pain or swelling due to arthritis, then definitely include garlic in your diet. 

Diabetes prevention

Garlic bud is very beneficial in controlling the level of diabetes in women. There are some enzymes present in garlic that help in reducing the level of blood sugar. While it is not a treatment for diabetes, consuming garlic can help in preventing diabetes as well as keeping your sugar level in control.

Fights UTI and improves renal health

Fresh garlic juice can reduce the growth of E. Coli bacteria that cause urinary tract infection (UTI). Its toxin flushing property from the body also helps prevent kidney infections.

While it might not be the tastiest juice you have had, drinking a glass of garlic juice will prove good for your health.

Overcome oestrogen deficiency

Menopause is a very stressful stage in a women’s life. The body goes through many severe changes, especially in the hormone department.

The period of menopause for older women has often been associated with a lack of the female hormone known as oestrogen which is due to irregular production of a protein known as a cytokine.

Consumption of garlic has been seen to regulate this to some extent and therefore, may be effective in overcoming oestrogen deficiency after menopause.

Include garlic in your diet as its health benefits are numerous

While all these benefits still can’t replace actual medicine when it comes to serious diseases, household ingredients like garlic has been used by many generations to keep their body healthy or to prepare it to be able to fight these problems. 

Most of these medicinal benefits of garlic can be best seen when garlic is consumed raw.

More than anything, garlic makes even healthy food tasty. So if you are on a diet or health kick just add a little garlic to your food and dwell in its colourful taste. 

Note – The above-mentioned points show that garlic is very effective and beneficial for women. But if women are suffering from any serious problem or are following a special diet, then before adding garlic to their diet, take expert advice once.

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