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How 80 y/o Radha Daga, Founder Triguni Eze Eats Is Living Her Dream!

At 69, Radha Daga, founder of Triguni Eze Eats launched a ready to eat food brand now available on flights, trains, Amazon & retail stores.

We have all enjoyed those pre-made meals on the flight. Haven’t we? Well, I certainly do. However, little do we know about the company behind those delicious easy meals.

Triguni Eze Eats, was launched in 2011 by Radha Daga. It is a company that sells ready-to-eat boxed meals on trains and planes such as IndiGo and Air Asia, as well as on Amazon and in retail outlets across the country.

Radha Daga, the founder of Triguni Eze Eats, was 69 years old when she founded the company, and a decade later, she is still working as hard as someone half her age and running a profitable business.

How Radha Daga became the founder of Triguni Eze Eats 

Even before her food company, Radha Daga was running a textile import business in 1987 named Chimise Indus Pvt Ltd., in Chennai. She started that business to create employment for women.

She founded that company in order to provide jobs for women. She desired that her employees live better lives, dress better, and, most importantly, eat better.

She was content with her business, but her childhood dream of working in the food industry had yet to manifest. Then, one day, she made the decision to take a leap and enter the food industry.

Radha Daga began small, with a space in her clothing factory, in 2010.

She didn’t have enough money to open up a separate store on their own or hire more people. With just one chef, in the beginning, Radha Daga gradually began employing others after she became sure that the venture could succeed.

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Radha Daga’s Triguni Eze Eats business, which she started at the age of 69, was established on the base of her patience and trust.

The inspiration behind Triguni Eze Eats

Her current business inspiration came to her during a trip to the United States with her husband. In a magazine, she saw an advertisement for ready-to-eat pasta. She was intrigued by the concept that all she had to do was add hot water and the pasta would be ready to eat instantly.

When she returned to India, she continued to explore various ready-to-eat food possibilities. Idli was her first idea, but it didn’t pan out.

She continued to experiment with different recipes and her lemon rice and biryani became an instant hit, and so did her business.

Radha Daga pays special emphasis on the quality, taste, and price of their products during production. They currently offer around fifteen food items that are sold across India and have a six-month shelf life.

Their food boxes range in price from Rs 80 to Rs 120. These are available for purchase on Amazon and the company’s website.

The business of Triguni Foods soared to ‘heights’ in a very short time

Radha Daga, founder of Triguni Eze Eats in an interview with the Hindu says, “I don’t think like an entrepreneur. They look at generating revenues and profit and loss. I got into my business without thinking about whether it will make money.” 

An Indigo Airlines representative stumbled across Triguni Eze Eats biryani one day, and Triguni was subsequently offered a contract by Indigo Airlines. They indicated a desire to have the product available on their flights.

The airline is now one of its most important customers, purchasing 85 per cent of its overall output. Soon after, Air Asia India began carrying their products as well.

 Radha Daga is now looking forward to expanding her product sales on trains as well.

Radha Daga & her journey at Triguni Eze Eats was not easy 

In her business, Radha Daga had to overcome numerous challenges, including demonetization in 2016 and the pandemic last year. Due to the restrictions on aeroplane travel, individuals were staying at home and cooking for themselves, which has lowered the demand for her products.

Her pre-pandemic turnover was about 16 crores, but in 2020-21 she only generated 5 crores, and sales only began to recover after December 2020.

She’s currently dispatching nearly a lakh of tubs per week post the lockdown. They are sold to a variety of buyers, including airlines, IRCTC, as well as passengers and students.

At 69, Radha Daga fulfilled her childhood dream

Radha had the potential of an entrepreneur all along, even though it took her a while. She attributes this to her time spent at the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. Where she learned that dreams do not have a limit.

And, with the dream of owning a food business in her mind and in her heart, she worked tirelessly at it, making everything possible in her own unique manner. Her flourishing food business had been a dream of hers since childhood, and she had finally made it come true.

The phrase age is just a number is nothing short of a fact, and Radha Daga proves just that.

At the age of 69, she launched her company and became a successful entrepreneur. It’s typical to hear about people retiring at this age, but it’s unusual to start from the ground up at this age. But that didn’t deter Radha Daga.

In every manner, Radha Daga is an incredible woman who not only encourages women to dream but also encourages us to never give up on our dreams.

Dreams have no age limit; they become a reality the moment you begin working toward them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 69, what matters is your hard work, patience, faith, and determination.

As Radha Daga says herself, “I feel one’s dreams never end. If you don’t dream, you don’t exist. You need to dream to look forward to in life.”

Image source: Trigunifoods\Instagram

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