Follow These 9 Indian Food Bloggers To Learn Some Delicious Lesser Known Cuisines

Indian food is one of the most evolved food cultures in the world, and every region has its cuisine. Here are 9 Indian food bloggers who write about some lesser known Indian cuisines.

Indian food is one of the most evolved food cultures in the world, and every region has its cuisine. Here are 9 Indian food bloggers who write about some lesser known Indian cuisines.

Indians have always been die-hard foodies, and India has been home to hundreds of regional and traditional cuisines. We also love sharing our recipes with others and trying new ones ourselves. But a lot of these cuisines are dying out due to the existence of prominent Indian and International cuisines in the Indian market.

Nonetheless, there are a few who want to preserve their culture and their cuisines and have taken to the digital space to tell the world about their own unique foods and culture.

Here are lesser known cuisines that were made known to the world by these bloggers:

Alka Keswani


A microbiology graduate from Mumbai, Alka Keswani started Sindhi Rasoi ten years ago as she felt that Sindhi cuisine was dying out in the flood of other Indian and International cuisines. She shares authentic and traditional Sindhi recipes trying to connect people over food.

Sindhi Rasoi has won the award for the best regional blog by FBAI. Alka Kesarwani has also written the food section in the book We, the Sindhis.

The recipes of vegan and vegetarian delicacies offered by the blog have truly brought people together as Alka Keswani shares her childhood experiences and memories that are associated with food. The sweet methi dhabhal, kesar ki kulfi, and phulan ji laai are mouth watering treats every Sindhi relishes.

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Find Alka Keswani on YouTube and Facebook.

Honey Sarah Naveen


Honey Sarah Naveen started Vazhayila (the plantain leaf), a Kerala food blog in 2009, when she moved to the United States from India and discovered the art of cooking. As a novice, she learned cooking authentic Kerala food in a foreign country and soon mastered it, and now can throw a party for 20 and give expert advice on her blog.

Kerala Syrian Christian cuisine is her specialty. Her Kerala beef pickle and Pineapple Pulissery are to die for.

Find Honey Sarah Naveen on Facebook.

Carol Sequeira Pereira


A dentist by profession and a food blogger by passion, Carol Sequeira Pereira has given expression to her culinary skills through her blog, Tickle My Senses: A Mangalorean Food Blog where she discusses exquisite Mangalorean recipes. She shares with us cooking with fresh produce to make traditional Mangalorean delicacies handed to her by her mother, in the time of instant foods.

Carol is of the belief that food is made for all the senses, sight, touch, taste, and smell and her recipes truly tickle all our senses. Her neer dosa with coconut fish curry is one of my favorites.

Find Carol Sequeira Pereira on Twitter and Facebook.

Nayana Cariappa

Kodava / Coorgi

Nayana Cariappa started her blog, Kodava Cuisine, which shows what makes the Coorgi hill stations heavenly. She started cooking whilst she stayed away from home, recreating her mother’s and grandmother’s recipes that brought back childhood memories.

Her pandi curry and bamboo shoot curry are delicacies everyone must try. She recreates the spicy and delightful Coorgi recipes that transport people to the chilly hills of Coorg.

Find Nayana Cariappa on Facebook.

Labhita Bora


Labhita Bora blogs about Assamese food on her blog Aakhol Ghor (Kitchen in Assamese). She showcases this fairly unknown cuisine to the world from the land of the blue hills and the red river. She is a voracious reader and also shares her passion for books and reading on her blog.

Jolpan and pitha are two dishes that her followers love.

Find Labhita Bora on Facebook.

Annam Senthil Kumar


Annam Senthil Kumar, a mathematics graduate from Chennai has logged her passion into her blog, Annam’s Recipes. Her blog focuses on the Chettinad cuisine of Tamil Nadu. She has written several books in Tamil, on different styles of cooking.

Annam is also passionate about trying out new cuisines and experimenting with old ones. Although she herself is a vegetarian she cooks delicious nonvegetarian dishes as well. She has also been featured in many food and lifestyle magazines. Pickles, curries, sweets, snacks, veggies or herbal remedies, she’s got it all.

Find Annam Senthil Kumar on Facebook.

Dr Nikhat Mahboob


Dr. Nikhat Mahboob is a Doctor of Naturopathy, founder of HumaraSaath, a non-profit NGO working for the upliftment of women and children, and author of the book Lazzat-e-Dastarkhan. She aims to make known the Bhojpuri cuisine from her mother’s kitchen and all over Bihar, UP and Jharkhand to a global audience, through her blog Bhojpuri Rasoi.

Bhunal Gosth and Steamed Bafauri are a few toothsome Bhojpuri favorites that the versatile Dr. Mehboob introduces to her thousands of followers.

Find Dr Nikhat Mahboob on Twitter and Facebook.

Sumana Rao


Sumana’s blog Udupi Recipes contains hundreds of recipes from Udupi apart from just masala dosa (which now is almost synonymous with South India, was born in Udupi) that comes from Udupi. Along with cooking she also designs and sews clothes. Her blog includes the Satvik Udupi cuisine that she learned from her grandmother’s and mother’s kitchens along with many cultural aspects unique to the coastal region of Udupi.

The golebaji from Bajagoli and Satvik rasam are a few mouth watering Udupi delicacies that everyone must try at least once.

Find Sumana Rao Twitter and Facebook.



Nambie who was born and brought up in Shillong started cooking and blogging when she moved to Chennai and began to miss her mom’s kitchen. Through her blog Eat Your Kappa, she reveals the not so mainstream but authentic North-Eastern cuisine.

The blog offers a peek into the tribal food culture of North-Eastern India. Wak Gominda and Galda Nakham are tribal dishes worth giving a shot. She also has a YouTube channel of the same name where she discusses her delectable recipes and tribal customs.

Find Nambie on YouTube and Facebook.

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