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Early Morning Coffee. And The Musings Of A Homemaker On Life

Posted: October 3, 2018

A homemaker wishes to snooze some more, but the relentless of her morning routine pushes her to get up and begin yet another day, even if she has a few minutes of her coffee time for herself.

The alarm tolls
Wake up sleepy head,
it’s morn.

She opens her eyes, but
doesn’t wake up.
A glorious sun peeps in
through the defiant curtains.
A few more moments, she wishes
to be on the snooze
but the engines are already abuzz.
Ting tong, whooshh, boom
honk honk, beep beep
sizzle, tuk tuk, tring tringg…
the engines vroom
all around her.

The body gets started too
but the spark is missing.
The soul is restless.
She seeks solitude, for
a moment of gratitude
for another enchanting morning,
to savor the stillness around,
to wonder at the dew drops
perching on the tendrils,
to soak in the bird song, before
it’s drowned in the cacophony

the morning rush beckons.
Mist from the coffee cup
clouds her eyes.
She blinks.
It gets cold.
And insipid.

Just like her life.

She plants a twig.
The coffee cup on the window sil
sun kissed, brimmeth over now
with green, purple, pink
brown and mauve-
joyous, vibrant colors.

Just like her life.

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: shutterstock

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