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Chinu Kala
Inspiring Journey Of Chinu Kala, Founder Of Artificial Jewellery Brand Rubans Accessories

From running away from home to staying on a railway platform and beginning her journey as an entrepreneur selling door to door, Chinu Kala of Rubans Accessories is an inspiration.

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Shark Tank 2: Payal Jain's Funngro Is A Platform For Teenlancers!
Shark Tank 2: Payal Jain’s Funngro Is A Platform For Teenlancers!

How comfortable are you with the idea of teens working and earning? Payal Jain of Funngro on Shark Tank season 2, asserted that children of today are different and should be allowed to work!

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Pabiben, Creator Of Your Favourite Pabi Bag Says Giving Up Wasn’t An Option!

Pabiben was one of 3 daughters in a Rabari family, her mother shunned after the death of her father. Today, she is the creator of the Pabi bag, known the world over.

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Shikha Sharma Aggarwal
Why Did Namita Thapar Call Shark Tank 2 Contestant Shikha Sharma Aggarwal ‘Gimmicky’?

While there is large scale consensus that faulty eating habits cause obesity, that’s not the sole reason. There may be genetic, psychological, environmental, social and cultural factors and other disorders behind the excess weight issues.

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Poonam Kasturi
Poonam Kasturi Who Made Daily Dump A Household Name Schools Shark Tank India 2 Judges!

Poonam Kasturi of Daily Dump not just won over the judges at Shark Tank India 2, but also schooled them in many aspects of waste management.

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Master Chef Garima Arora
Masterchef Judge Chef Garima Arora: Our Words Can Impact Others Deeply!

How did Chef Garima Arora achieve it all? Find out more about her incredible journey of your favourite Master Chef Judge!

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Why Are Only Working Moms Asked At School Admissions ‘How Do You Manage Time For Your Child?’

What right does a Principal have of judging a working mother and her capabilities in taking care of her child, just because she has long work hours?

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halwa budget
Dear FM, Here’s OUR 9 Ingredient Recipe For A Halwa Budget, Not The Aluva That It Could Be

FM Nirmala Sitharaman served halwa to officials in the finance ministry and announced a budget app to mark the beginning of the budget season. But we're worried.

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Increasing Sexual Horrors, Brutal Criminals, Brazen Pop Culture; Have Our Sensibilities Died?

"You are always so negative!" Activists who speak up about sex crimes against women are told. But how else do we fight against these?

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She Was Only Trying To Teach Her DIL What Her Own MIL Had Taught Her, But…

Manju ji's heart melted at her antics. She always wanted a daughter like her but the stern mother-in-law in her prevented her from accepting Anisha as such.

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Unless We All Speak Up Against Sexism In Our Families, Our Daughters Will Have Uncertain Futures

As long as we do not call out sexism in our families, keep quiet when our men abuse women, and raise entitled sons and silenced daughters, we are as guilty as the rapists. 

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Reflections Of Perfect Imperfection

The passed down advice of "proper conduct" that needs a conscious, social  makeover.

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She Was Scared But It Was Time For Her To Stand Up On Her Feet And Be Her Own Woman

Sudha had always been dependent on the men –first her father and later her husband.  But one fine day she decides to do something for herself and the women in her life help her achieve her goals.

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Vadodara man broke his wife's spine
Furious That His Wife Kept Winning A Game Of Ludo, He Beat Her Up Enough To Break Her Spine

Because his wife was winning against him in online Ludo, this Vadodara man broke his wife's spine while beating her up in a rush of rage, says a report.

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The Locked Down Woman

Why does nobody realize that women have always been under lockdown, bearing mental, emotional and physical violence to uphold the "culture and traditions" of society?

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How Do Economic Measures Announced By FM Nirmala Sitharaman Help During COVID-19?

Let's look at the announcements FM Nirmala Sitharaman made yesterday, and see if the economy will get any relief in this time of slowdown because of the unprecedented conditions.

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Kerala boy viral painting
Boy’s Painting Showing Women’s Invisible Work Shines On Kerala’s Gender Budget

Anujath lost his mother soon after his painting won the prestigious Shankar's award for art, but the Kerala govt putting it on their 2020-21 budget manual has made it, and his message about mothers' invisible labour, go viral.

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Narrow Religious Beliefs Are So Last Century; Month Of Shravan Brings This Topic Up Again

We forget the highest religion of humanity when we discriminate and are violent against our fellow human beings based on our narrow religious beliefs!

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Seeing Through A Veil Of Brokenness

When everything appears through a veil of brokenness, can there still be hope? Yes, there is always hope...

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FM Nirmala Sitharaman Invokes ‘Naari & Narayani’, But Not Much In Budget 2019-20 For Women?

A first look at FM Nirmala Sitharaman's Budget 2019-20 feels disappointing. Will a reading of fine print yield better benefits for women and children?

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Ministry of Women and Child Development Modi 2.0
Ministry Of Women And Child Development Modi 2.0 Govt: What Do Women Of India Expect?

What do the women of India expect from the Ministry of Women and Child Development in the next 5 years? A look, one month into the new Modi 2.0 government.

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Does The Mujhe Sab Nahi Pata Ad Around Dengue Really Empower Mothers?

A new mosquito repellant ad appears to agree that mothers should not be expected to know everything about bringing up a child - but then goes on to subtly guilt her for failing her child, says Seema Taneja. 

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smartphone empowering women
11 Crucial Ways In Which Smartphones Are Empowering Women Today

Smartphones can be a very useful tool today; the sheer reach of this tiny handheld computer can make life so much better, empowering women in many ways.

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interim budget 2019
What Is There For Her? Why The Interim Budget 2019 Disappoints

A lack of clear benefits to women in the interim budget 2019 presented by Piyush Goyal, the acting Finance Minister, disappoints, but we're hopeful for the final budget in July 2019.

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Don’t Underestimate The Sisterhood That Has Your Back!

"That's what sisterhood is all about, Neelam. To stand with one another, to uplift the one who is sagging mentally, emotionally, socially and even financially. And that is what we have done."

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Can Priyanka Gandhi’s Entry Really Turn The Tide For The Congress?

The panacea that the Congress needs or just a tired move by a party desperate to regain its lost glories? Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's entry into electoral politics was 'the big story' of the week.

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childcare leave for single fathers
Single Fathers In Govt Jobs Will Get Childcare Leave, But No Parenting Leave For Married Men?

Childcare leave for single fathers in government jobs is now a reality, but leaving married men out of it reinforces the mother's role as the primary parent.

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The Flight Back Home

'Come back to? Do you really mean what I think you do?' Amma was old but her mind was still alert enough to catch the unexplained words.

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I Could Almost Hear People Think, “What Kind Of Woman Stays Away From Her Family?”

"If the decisions have been taken by the couple with mutual consent then what bothers other people?" asks Seema Taneja in this searing look at inquisitive questions about her travelling alone.

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And Then Came The Real Wedding Gift, Putting Her Mind To Rest

Both were approaching thirty, were well settled in their professions, loved being with each other and hence they saw no reason to delay their wedding. And both intended to go for Mission Mount Everest soon. This time together.

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A Wild Card Hit, Andhadhun Has Finely Crafted And Portrayed Characters Who Amaze You

With confident, strong-willed women characters, Ayushmann's acting expertise and director's brilliance - Andhadhun is a must watch if you are a lover of suspense thrillers.  

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It’s Their #MeToo. And Ours Too!

A hard-hitting poem that takes us through the life of an ordinary Indian girl. All her life silenced by the shaming and finger-pointing. But no longer silent.

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Early Morning Coffee. And The Musings Of A Homemaker On Life

A homemaker wishes to snooze some more, but the relentless of her morning routine pushes her to get up and begin yet another day, even if she has a few minutes of her coffee time for herself.

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Are Women Losing Jobs Due To Increased Maternity Leave? A New Study Reveals Problems

When the law increased maternity leave from 12 to 26 weeks in 2017, it was hailed as a historic step towards empowerment of women. Is the reality panning out as planned?

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With The Ugly Memories Of My City

Perhaps this was why Naheed had chosen not to confide even in us; she may have thought we would not trust her too and continued to bear the agony alone.

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The Three Magical Words

As she changed into her comfy pyjamas, she heard a sweet voice croon an unfamiliar song. Neema couldn't decipher the words as the voice came from afar yet she was enchanted by the melody.

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Yes, The CBSE Re-Exam Is Unjust, But Your Job As A Parent Is To Help Your Child Through It

Is the CBSE re-exam announcement fair? Definitely not! As a parent, your job at this moment though is to help your child in the best possible way.

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New Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins ‘Suvidha’ – Finally, A Women’s Day Gift We Can Use!

The launch of a new 100% biodegradable sanitary napkin by the Government of India is promising - although only actual use will tell us how good the product really is!

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How I Get Over The Never Ending Writer’s Block

Every writer out there, big or small has at least once experienced a writer's block in their lives. Wanna know what I did to get rid of mine?

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This ‘Tough Mom’ Video Is Making The News For All The Wrong Reasons

While this video showing a mom who was tough on her child has gone viral for its tough mom message, what are the other messages that it is sending out?

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budget for 2018
New Budget For 2018: What You Need To Know About Its Impact On Indian Women

The new budget for 2018 is prima facie a great one for Indian women, but there may be loopholes and pitfalls that will need to be worked on.

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Aparajita, The Invincible

#Poetry. The (fictional) story of Aparajita, the invincible girl who rose above fat shaming to become an Olympic gold medallist, in verse.

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good things in life
Just 1 Pack Of Potato Chips…Is That Your Child’s Mantra Too?

We crave for the good things in life but our children are paying the price for convenience, comfort and the 'cool life'.

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From Diabetes To Depression, Our Healthcare System Misses The Problems Of Teenagers

At the vulnerable adolescent age, the health problems of teenagers include both physical and mental challenges – which we know very little about.

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the battle with herself
The Battle With Herself [#Shortlisted]

The doctors revealed that she was not only burnt partially due to the electric current but unfortunately she had also lost her voice and the movement in the right side of her body too.

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girls' enrollment
6% Of This Country’s Expenditure Should Be On Education, Say Students

Multiple benefit schemes have helped increase girls’ enrollment in school but has the quality of education improved?

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women who married late
These Indian Women Who Married Late Are Receiving Acceptance, Not Derision

Most Indian women marry in their 20s, but there are exceptions. These are the stories of 3 women who married late, in their 30s and 40s.

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subtle sexism
The Indian Bahu: No Identity Without Her Husband, No Life Support Guarantee Without Her Son

The subtle sexism that is implied in our everyday words makes sure that our girls remain suppressed, even in families who think they are liberal.

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not done with life yet
Not Done With Life Yet [#Poetry]

A woman in her 50s is not done with life yet! A sensitively penned poem that speaks of the clash between social expectations and what a woman wants.

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sounds of morning
Sounds Of Morning [#Poem]

This very onomatopoeic poem records the relentless drudgery of a working woman's morning rush, juggling home, husband, children, and so much more!

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Passion’s Fury Not A Crime. Because Even Our Lawmakers Say So [POEM]

The recent submission by the central government to the Delhi HC against the criminalization of marital rape is not surprising, given our attitudes to women.

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Women Flyers To Get Special Consideration: Justified Or Unnecessary?

With women flyers to get special consideration from a private airline, the debate comes up again: essential in a country that disrespects women, or unnecessary privilege?

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my childhood
Please Get Me My Childhood Back! [#ShortStory]

And yet he had started behaving in such a weird manner of late. He had become so reclusive that at time he would snap at his parents or not speak at all.

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power puff girl
The Power Puff Girl! [#ShortStory]

"And let me also warn you behanji, if she continues such senseless and insolent behavior in future too then this marriage will not last long as my son will not tolerate any nonsense from her!"

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pesky caller
The Pesky Caller Who Wouldn’t Go Away, Hijacking My Peace Of Mind For Months!

A pesky caller kept calling me up at all odd hours, destroying my peace of mind. A result of the entitlement men have who think they can get away with it?

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Ph.D Scholar’s Suicide Reveals The Result Of Teaching Our Girls To Tolerate Abusive Marriages

As long as women are asked to 'adjust' in abusive marriages for the sake of 'honour' and tradition, dowry related deaths and suicides will continue to happen.

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the she trip
When She Went Away On A Trip By Herself… [#ShortStory]

It was a trip only for women travelling together, taking a break from the mundane everyday that they had as much right to as everyone else.

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The Ramjas College Controversy Makes A Teacher Reflect On Dissent And The Right Way To Deal With It

The Ramjas College controversy has laid bare our society's discomfort with dissent. It's time to remember that we can deal with dissent in a respectful manner.

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struggle for survival stop violence
Undo The Shackles [#Poetry]

A poem about a woman's fight against marital abuse, violence and rape and also struggle for survival in a callous, patriarchal society.

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The Deluge And The Aftermath [#ShortStory]

Experiences of women in conflict zones is very different from those of the men, even if they are active participants. A short story on the Kashmir backdrop.

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The New Road Taken [#ShortStory]

"She walked on, head held high, a confident gaze shot back at the piercing, mocking, questioning, lecherous eyes." A hard-hitting short story.

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One Dark Ominous Rainy Night… [#Poetry]

This poem expresses a mother's angst, fury, desolation at her daughter's gang rape and gruesome murder at the hands of some sadistic perverts.

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Saw The Amitabh Bachchan Letter? Now Here’s My Open Letter To My Son

Amitabh Bachchan's letter to his grand-daughters spoke of carrying forward a legacy, but this mom wishes for her son to abandon some legacies in the interests of creating a fairer world. Read on!

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Moolah Brought In By A Working Daughter In Law Is Welcome, But Her Freedom To Work Commitment Is Not!

Women are expected to do it all, but not permitted to have it all. These double standards of patriarchy are reprehensible!

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Is Teaching Just A Profession Or A Close Bond Between Teachers And Students?

A teaching job is not merely a profession. A close bond between teacher and students can make it a very fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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A Mother’s Dilemma – Would She Dare To Embrace True Equality?

Would Naina dare to embrace equality between her daughter and daughter-in-law? Between son and son-in-law? A mother's dilemma.

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These Misogynistic News Items Prove That Patriarchy Clearly Rules

Every day, the newspapers teem with reports of misogynistic news items. Even allowing for sensational headlines, they are indicative of the problems that plague our society.

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