Seeing Through A Veil Of Brokenness

When everything appears through a veil of brokenness, can there still be hope? Yes, there is always hope...

When everything appears through a veil of brokenness, can there still be hope? Yes, there is always hope…

she crouched in the shadows
despair engulfed her shallow breaths
broken cries racked
the heaving frame.

doors had closed in on her
like catacombs; a torn calendar-
from the sullied wall-mocked her.
reminded her of days past

of moments and occasions lost
of how he was her sail, her mast.
the promises they made
the love tales-together they read
the babies they planned and named.
the mornings they hugged and kissed

then suddenly the evening dates he missed
the nights he swore, screamed and dissed.
the air still smelt of him
stale, dank, toxic-his masculinity,
the evil sneer, the deadly demeanour.

in its bed, night was drowning
desperate, twisting and turning
waiting for a hint of distant dawn.

outside, the half moon scowled
desolate, wrapped in a shroud
crawling on the back of a lonely cloud.

something inside her cracked,
is this my fate, my destiny?
deluged – on her tears she choked.

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a warbler sung a beauteous paean
suffocated, she flung the door open
inhaled the refreshing night jasmine.

I am diminishing, so are you
but I will rise and shine again
that has passed, this shall too.

the moon whispered from behind the clouds
a tiny smile slowly lit up her face
vanquishing the veil of brokenness.

First published here.

Image via Pixabay

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