One Dark Ominous Rainy Night… [#Poetry]

This poem expresses a mother's angst, fury, desolation at her daughter's gang rape and gruesome murder at the hands of some sadistic perverts.

This poem expresses a mother’s angst, fury, desolation at her daughter’s gang rape and gruesome murder at the hands of some sadistic perverts.

Towards the end of the poem she expresses her determination to not relent in her efforts to seek justice for her daughter, punishment for her perpetrators and clear her name of the slur that the callous police and society have heaped on her character by calling her a slut who incited men’s lust.

One Dark Ominous Rainy night

The home lies desolate and still
The fan whispers a shrieking trill,
Your memories lie undone and scattered
Grim thoughts roam unchecked and battered.
For anyone, anything else, little do I care
When looking at your smiling visage is a dare.

One dark ominous rainy night…..

Holed up, terrified, your mom you frantically called
Helpless, terrified, I heard you being cruelly mauled.
My baby’s pleadings piercing through the savage rain,
My hands twitched to wrench them away, but in vain.
My heart would skip a beat when my baby bawled.
How am I alive when her breath the oppressors stalled?

Vituperative, remorseless, bereft of any spirits kindred
The monsters still prance around, unbarred, unhindered.
With vicious grins dotting the devils’ mouths
They mock and taunt and jeer, the unrepentant louts.
The lawkeepers empathized, promised to come
They came, only to accuse you and ruin your name.

They thought your creator was gullible and naive,
Now they’d realize why omnipresent God kept me alive,
To exemplify a mom’s bottomless grit and determination,
To penalize, discipline and extract retribution,
To see the perpetrators cower, kicked and barred
And restore your name, by the recalcitrant, scarred.

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