Furious That His Wife Kept Winning A Game Of Ludo, He Beat Her Up Enough To Break Her Spine

Because his wife was winning against him in online Ludo, this Vadodara man broke his wife's spine while beating her up in a rush of rage, says a report.

Because his wife was winning against him in online Ludo, this Vadodara man broke his wife’s spine while beating her up in a rush of rage, says a report.

Would winning against your husband in an online game of Ludo land you with a broken spine? Apparently yes.

Violent man broke his wife’s spine

According to recent media reports, a husband-wife couple, in Vadodara city of Gujarat, decided to play the online game of Ludo instead of getting bored during the lockdown. The wife defeated him several times and this irritated the man. The man got into an argument with the wife and in a fit of rage he started thrashing her. Severely injured, she had to be rushed to a hospital where it was detected that her spine had a gap between two vertebrae.

After receiving treatment the woman went to her parents’ home for recuperation.

Why did the wife refuse to file a complaint?

What is really shocking (or not really) is that the woman refused to file a case against her abusive husband even though the counsellors from a woman helpline advised her to do that.

The police took an undertaking from the man after he apologized to his wife and let him go scot free. The woman also agreed to return to his home after a few days.

What makes a woman forgive an abusive and egoistic husband?

Lack of family support, fear of having to fend for themselves financially, social stigma of being an abandoned woman and difficulties in raising children single handedly may prevent a woman from filing a case against an abusive, violent husband/partner and compel them to go back to their marital home even in the face of recurring violence.

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Is this violence now a ‘new normal’?

But don’t the same fears embolden a man further? Would it be the new normal, post-lockdown?

Men tend to take down their frustrations on women for all kinds of excuses. They could range from job pressures, physical or financial insecurities, refusal to sex, alcohol and drug addiction to a not-so-well-cooked meal or even delay in serving food. They abuse their women to relieve their frustrations and also beat them into compliance.

But is this a new normal for them-this brazen display of brute masculine power over losing a petty game of Ludo so that the man broke his wife’s spine? Is a man’s ego so fragile that it gets hurt over such minuscule loss to a ‘mere’ woman? How dare she defeat her husband?! He’s her pati parmeshwar, you know!

Increased domestic violence during lockdown 

There has been a horrifying global surge in cases of violence against women and girls during the lockdown period. So much so that on April 6th, the UN chief had to call for immediate measures to address this menace.

Situation in India is not any better.

According to the National Commission for Women, the number of complaints of domestic violence have almost doubled during the first 25 days of lockdown (till April 16)  in comparison to pre-lockdown period.

To deal with the increasing number of domestic violence cases, the NCW had to launch an emergency Whatsapp number 7217735372 in addition to its already operational email and phone numbers.

Even the Delhi High Court, on April 18, has asked the Central govt and Delhi govt to devise measures to curb the increase in such crimes and protect the victims of intimate partner violence.

The lockdown has made it mandatory for both men and women to stay indoors, still the onus of house chores, looking after family and children has fallen majorly on the women, in addition to their own jobs. Despite women undertaking a major share of work silently, they are the ones bearing the brunt of men’s anger and ego issues.

How many more women may still be suffering in silence, we may never know. For all we know, women have always been under a lockdown by the men.

Image source: pixabay

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