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Passion’s Fury Not A Crime. Because Even Our Lawmakers Say So [POEM]

Posted: August 31, 2017

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The recent submission by the central government to the Delhi HC against the criminalization of marital rape is not surprising, given our attitudes to women. 

Hey women!

Marriage is holy, marriage is sacred,

It secures your life, your daily bread.

Marriage is a godly agreement

Bound by the ancient testament.

The religion of marriage is your subservience,

To bow to the male ego’s fragile mansion,

To pander, without fail, to his ominous passion.

Don’t spoil our culture as per your convenience.

Your man is your custodian, your God

Please surrender him your heart, soul and bod(y)

Don’t ever protest, don’t say no to him,

Even if you are broken to the brim.

Better stay quiet, swallow your pride,

It’s his right to be intimate with his bride.


Men are raw and tough,

And don’t women like it a bit rough?

You pretend to detest it,

But don’t you also like to be hit?

You can’t really send them all to jail

For such a petty, frivolous detail.

Now listen, all ye angry women,

You don’t hold a candle before men.

Stop being stupid, stop being uncouth,

Shut your dirty bloody mouth,

Like a piece of the zip lock tape,

Open your ruby lips when you are told to,

Satisfying your man’s furious libido

Is your duty, it’s not marital rape.


Think of your reputation, your family.

You don’t have support, you don’t have money.

How would you bear the jibes of society?

Because it’s a man’s word against your testimony.

Of the man’s cruelty, what evidence will have you?

Nobody, not even the lawkeepers would believe you.

We can’t let the spectrum of society fail,

Even if some women have it black, blue and pale.

So you see, why we can’t belittle and trivialize

the ancient, holy institution of marriage.

Why we can’t question and criminalize

Copulation, whatever the bride’s age.

Now stop raising ruckus without reason or rhyme,

Because even the lawmakers say it isn’t a crime.

Top image via Unsplash

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