For Mother’s Day, A Very Special List Of 10 inspiring Indian Mommy Bloggers Redefining The Norms Of Motherhood

These ten inspiring mommy bloggers are creating a better world for moms. Read them for advice, for some laughter, and above all - to know that you are not alone.

These ten inspiring mommy bloggers from India, are creating a better world for moms – one word at a time. Read them for advice, for some laughter, and above all – to know that you are not alone.

Mother’s Day is around the corner and like every year, this year too there will be a plethora of advertisements and forwarded messages which will put all mothers on a pedestal for being the ultimate personification of sacrifice. As always, many of us will miss the point that this glorification only puts more pressure on mothers to be superwomen and then, when they are not able to meet the high expectations, they get overwhelmed with guilt and also lose their confidence.

It has become so important to change the narrative and it is wonderful that there are mothers out there who are using the power of their pen to bring about this change with their refreshing take on motherhood. Being an active reader on online platforms, I have figured that there has been a steep rise in the number of mommy bloggers in the last couple of years.

While they are all doing a wonderful job and are inspiring in their own ways, there are a few independent mommy bloggers who stand out with their passion and talent to influence other mothers positively. They are helping many mothers on their motherhood journey and are giving them confidence through their support and encouragement.

This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate these ten awesome and inspiring mommy bloggers who are redefining the norms of motherhood and are creating a better world for mothers. We are grateful to them for their tips, advice, suggestions and most importantly, for their voice of reason. We truly need more of their tribe.

Akshata Ram

Akshata Ram is a highly popular mommy blogger who is known to say it like it is. Her blogs on motherhood and parenting are powerful and balanced, and she has an open-minded perspective on various matters. She shatters all stereotypes not just through her words but also through her actions setting a wonderful example for all mothers to look after themselves first.  She also writes wonderful and incisive articles on work which are helpful for mothers trying to balance their home and career.

Find her blog here:

Aloka Gambhir

Aloka Gambir is a well-known mommy blogger whose blogs are highly enlightening and useful, especially in the area of mothers’ health and fitness. Her blog aims to inspire those who are looking for a lifestyle change and those who want to ditch conventional wisdom in favour of a more intuitive and natural lifestyle. She also writes extensively about different aspects of parenting like baby wearing, cloth diapering, weaning and breastfeeding.

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Find her blog here:

Amruta Ram

Amruta Ram is the first Indian mother to start a YouTube channel on Montessori and early learning which is undoubtedly a treasure for new mothers. After the birth of her son, she says that she extensively studied the concept of early learning, gentle parenting and Montessori, and decided to quit her high-profile corporate job to pursue her passion in this field. She also shares practical tips on gentle parenting through her articles and is truly a great support for mothers struggling with little or no help.

Find her blog here:

Anupama Dalmia

Anupama Dalmia is a multiple award winning mommy blogger who is undoubtedly one of the most popular parenting bloggers in our country today. Her parenting blogs are not just extremely insightful, lucid and informative but also bring out her incredibly keen and nuanced understanding of motherhood. She is fearless, sensitive and non-judgemental and encourages all mothers to ride free of their mommy guilt. Her blogs often give mothers the strength to stand up for themselves.

Find her blog here:

Lakshmi Iyer

Lakshmi Iyer is a fantastic and prolific blogger whose articles are hard-hitting, rational and strong. She has a certificate in creative writing from The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University. She is a mother by biology and adoption and has penned her thoughts on a number of platforms about a hoard of topics like motherhood, adoption and dealing with infertility. Her sensitivity, awareness and intensity ensure that every word of hers connects to the readers.

Find her blog here:

Neha Tambe

Neha Tambe is a blogger who blogs with a difference. She not only shares her views on parenting related topics that she feels strongly about but also focuses on helping children by creating inspiring stories for them. She has a dedicated section on her blog in which she shares these stories and interviews, and believes that this would help the next generation in making informed decisions. Her blogs on her travel experiences as a mother are also excellent and helpful for mothers who love to travel.

Find her blog here:

Prerna Sinha

Prerna Sinha is an award-winning blogger and probably one of the first popular mommy bloggers of our country. With a wide reader base, she blogs on the convergence of motherhood and her various passions because she believes that being an individual is as important as being a mom. Through her impactful and soulful writing, she aims at inspiring moms to think of themselves as individuals and go ‘beyond motherhood’. She is truly the “maa of all blogs” in every sense of the word.

Find her blog here:

Rachna Parmar

Rachna Parmar is an acclaimed, award winning blogger whose parenting blogs are a must read for everyone who is a parent or is on the way to become one. With the combination of an impressive writing prowess and deep understanding of the complexities of parenting, her blogs are highly effective, resourceful and valuable. She is honest, clear and straightforward in her expression and this makes the reader connect to her instantly. She also has great tips to offer for dealing with pressing issues of parenting like bullying and tantrums.

Find her blog here:

Shailaja Vishwanath

Shailaja Vishwanath is a multiple award winning and highly experienced blogger whose wisdom and acumen gathered through the years translates to her wonderfully perceptive parenting articles. She blogs about positive parenting, life lessons and her introspections, and takes us along with her through her motherhood journey with the simplicity, unpretentiousness and effortlessness of her writing.

Find her blog here:

Tulika Singh

Tulika Singh is a respected blogger and a mother to fraternal twins who has won hearts with her heart-warming, quirky and refreshing style of writing. She brings a lot to the table when it comes to parenting and her blog is a parenting bible of sorts for the readers. From travel to every day mothering hiccups to tips to deal with the challenges and hurdles that show up on the motherhood journey, she has something interesting and informative to share on everything that is parenting.

Find her blog here:


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