9 New, Short Kindle Reads By Indian Women Authors For That Quick Weekend Pick!

Posted: September 11, 2018

Ebooks are the flavour of the season, as more and more short ebooks by Indian women authors are being published. Here are 9 of these, powerful fiction that will keep you enthralled.

One of the most common debates we find avid readers having today is that of Paperback Vs Kindle. Undoubtedly, a voracious reader does get attached to the smell, touch and feel of a book. And hence, there is a section of readers that is averse to the idea of reading books on their kindle device or the kindle application. However, the fact is that with changing landscapes in the world of publishing, more and more authors are taking the self publishing route with Amazon KDP to their aid. Even publishing houses are adapting to the changing market scenarios, and are coming up with short reads, especially for the kindle readers.

Cost-effective and convenient, ebooks are definitely here to stay! One may have reservations about the quality of writing which may be valid, but having read numerous e-novellas over the past few months, I realized that there is a bundle of talent out there who deserve to be read.

These short reads can be read on the go or over a meal or before retiring for the day, and they do give you the satisfaction of reading a ‘full-fledged’ novel. These stories are compelling, meaningful, and make you think and introspect.

Here is a list of 9 excellent short ebooks by Indian women authors (in alphabetical order)which are worth your time and money:


by Anupama Dalmia

This novella is a quick, riveting read which begins with a heart-warming story of two friends. The way the author takes you on a roller-coaster on with her twists and turns is what makes this a fantastic, remarkable read. The climax hits you in the gut, and the reader is caught unaware.

The writing is crisp, clear and engaging, and ties together different elements of story-telling seamlessly.

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

Generously Yours: His Gift from Beyond

by Inderpreet Uppal

A beautiful, short read about love and loss, this story is about two characters that are so realistically portrayed that you feel like you know them. It is amazing how the author has built the entire narrative around just these two characters. The writing style is simple and eloquent, tugs at the reader’s heart, and the pain as well as strength is felt completely.

A story packed with emotions which will warm your soul!

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

His Search for the Perfect Bride

by Sudesna Ghosh

This short story is wonderfully entertaining and humourous, and perfectly depicts the arranged marriage situation in our country. The characters are so real, and everyone must be knowing a ‘Debojit’ in their life. The funny and awkward moments narrated by the author will make you fall off your seats laughing, and there are many moments in the story when you will find yourself nodding in the affirmative.

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

Just Another Day

by Piyusha Vir

A collection of three short stories which are as different from each other as chalk and cheese, yet have a similar underlying concept which is unique and so relatable. The author manages to leave an ever-lasting impact on the reader with her wonderful narration and nuanced writing. The stories are a mixed bag which give you the thrills, chills, tears and smiles.

An extremely satisfying read which will leave you asking for more!

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

Rising from the Ashes: A short story

by Rubina Ramesh

This short story is a prequel to Knitted Tales – 2 and is in the mythological fiction genre. While many authors have been experimenting with this genre of late, not many are that effective in bringing about the right balance between maintaining the essence of the existing folklore and the fictional elements which are the author’s figment of imagination.

Rubina Ramesh strikes a great balance in this tale and gives us a story which is evocative and captivating. It ends with a cliff-hanger which sets the ball rolling for Knitted Tales – 2.

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

Temptation: Women From Mars

by Ruchi Singh

This one sets the expectation high right at the beginning with a catchy and unique title, and does not disappoint at all. The author has a way with words, and paints a wonderful picture of the idyllic romance between the lead characters.

This short story is a fast-paced read which surprises us with an unexpected twist and addresses a topic that not many dare to attempt. It will make you think about millennial relationships while simultaneously keeping you entertained.

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

The Nameless Relationship

by Preeti Shenoy

While the basic storyline of this book is not uncommon, the author’s contemporary treatment of it is what makes this an engaging, thought-provoking read. It shows us the facet of society which we all are aware of but that is mostly discussed behind closed doors. On the surface, it may seem scandalous but if you think deeply, there will be many questions on your mind when you finish reading the story and it will make you wonder about the black, white and grey of relationships.

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

The Wedding Gift: A Short Story

by Paromita Goswami

Set in Bengal, this brilliantly crafted tale is dark, emotional and wicked, all at the same time. The story is about Nirmala who is an estranged wife. It talks about her struggles and what she faces in our hypocritical society owing to the situation that she is in. However, the tale is much more than just this and keeps you glued till the end leaving you speechless as well as fulfilled.

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

Tit for Tat: A Collection of Thriller Shots

by Archana Sarat

This one is a collection of ten delightful and fantastic flash fiction tales which will horrify you, shock you and thrill you all the same. Each tale is different from the rest and it is amazing the way the author has covered a variety of genres in the ‘thriller’ space to provide wholesome entertainment to the readers. This book is a perfect example of conveying more in less and packs a punch in more ways than one.

Check it out here on Amazon India and Amazon US

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