11 Women Writers On Women At Work, And The Changing Workplace Landscape In 2020

Work From Home was the buzzword in 2020, but there were other workplace issues too. Here are 11 writers who wrote about this changing landscape and more.

Work From Home was the buzzword in 2020, but there were other workplace issues too. Here are 11 writers who wrote about this changing landscape and more.

The ‘new normal’ has completely changed life as we know it, especially for working women. And even more so if these are working mothers. In the pandemic, the ‘war’ is against the virus, and everything that comes with it. Healthcare workers are the new frontline warriors.

Here’s looking at 11 women who raised their voices to empower working women during the year just gone by.

Is The Work From Home Model The New Normal & Does It Make Sense For All?

The work from home model is being seen as the right way forward, after its adoption during the pandemic. But will it solve all our problems, asks Jigyasa Mohanty.

Women Are Great Sailors Too, Says SC, Giving Them Permanent Commission In The Navy

After ruling that women can competently hold command positions in the Indian Army, the Supreme Court also ruled that the Navy, too, will be opening its doors for women, saying that women officers can sail as efficiently as men. Nishtha Pandey says that with things so bleak around us currently, the Supreme Court of India gave us a reason to celebrate a little and hope for better things in the future.

It’s Time For Women To Be Heard Loud & Clear At Work

For centuries, women have been considered bodily objects to be enjoyed; rarely have their minds received as much respect, or even attention. But it is time for their voices to be heard now at work, says Jyothi S.

As A WFH Mom, Here’s How I Survive In The Times Of COVID-19

Since I have been a WFH mom (work-from-home mom) for a while now, adapting to the current situation wasn’t that big a deal for me, says Nikita Garg, giving some useful tips that can help us survive this time.

Only 15% Of Employers Paid Domestic Workers During The Pandemic. Are You Among Them?

Our kaamwali bai, whom we take for granted, is a working woman too. The great Indian middle class has abdicated its responsibilities to domestic workers, indicates a new survey. Radhika Srivastava speaks up about how we need to appreciate our domestic workers better.

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Work From Home Etiquette Means We Need To Value Personal Time, Starting Now!

Parvadavardini Sethuraman points out how work from home has now come to mean you’re expected to be ‘on it’ 24/7, and how lack of sound work from home etiquette is turning many work from home arrangements into a nightmare! Is this the case with you?

The Curious Case of Working Mothers, And How Covid-19 Could Derail Their Future

Covid-19 has created havoc in the lives of working mothers, and has the real potential to derail women’s progress in the workplace, says Sumana Khan.

The Fall Of A Teacher Between Students, Parents, School Managements, And The Home

Teachers. A demographic of working women who we often forget. But the pandemic shifted scooping to the online space, which was unfair to most. With almost inhuman expectations from teachers, especially the female teachers, it is now like bonded slavery in which almost all the norms of labour laws are flouted, says Vartika Sharma Lekhak.

Zomato’s Leave Policy For Pain During Periods Shows How To Be Sensitive To Employee Needs

Women are still shamed for wanting rest for pain during periods; so Zomato declaring menstrual leave for women and trans employees, and others who menstruate is a step forward, says Trisha Goswami.

How Trans Persons Feel About Inclusion At Workplace And What Can We Do About it

From being called names to lack of basic infrastructure like restrooms, there is a lot that transgender people at work have faced. Anusha Singh lets trans persons speak of their experiences, and asks an HR expert how the insight into these experiences can help us become better allies at work.

As A Doctor On The Frontline For COVID-19, Here’s A Question I Want To Ask My Teachers Of Medicine

Most of my school friends were financially stable long before our education was done – we, doctors, have sacrificed that to save lives. And is this what we get, asks Shalini Mullick, referring to the working conditions and issues health care workers, and specifically doctors face as frontline warriors in the pandemic.


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