More Than 50 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Online To Send Your Loved Ones

Trying to think of Christmas gift ideas at the last minute? No worries - we have you covered. You could pick from this eclectic list.

Trying to think of Christmas gift ideas at the last minute? No worries – we have you covered. You could pick from this eclectic list.

Like me, if you haven’t planned beforehand, you must be wondering what you could pick up in a hurry. There’s also the fact that you might be housebound due to the pandemic.

Worry not. Here’s this eclectic list of Christmas gift ideas to the rescue. Something for all prices, for everyone, for all tastes.

Handmade soap

Here’s one of my Christmas gift ideas that I have adapted to other times too.

Nothing like fragrant, handmade soap to begin your day with, that refreshes you body and mind. You could pick from a number of options. Like this coffee & chocolate soap, or aloe vera & mint soap, both from y’aura. Or if you’re more interested in traditional fragrances in soap, choose between this Forest Essentials Nargis scented soap that I have used earlier and completely recommend, or this sandal & vanilla Soap by Inatur.

Or you could stock up for a few weeks with this set of assorted handmade soaps from Vaadi Herbals. There’s also this beautifully packaged sampler soap kit from Khadi Naturals at a throwaway price, my personal favourite.

Christmas gift ideas for a Coffee (or Tea lover)

The whole process of making a cuppa of your favourite beverage can be harvested for Christmas gift ideas. How? Check this out.

Beginning at the basics, you could gift them actual coffee beans, like these roasted coffee beans from Coffee Day. Alternatively, if ready to use ground coffee is required, Sidapur brand roasted & ground filter coffee with 20% chicory is a good option. Or gourmet coffee from House of Coffee from the Baba Budhangiri Hills in Chikamagaluru.

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Need to grind coffee beans? Try Brayden Coffee & Spice grinder. Storage options? Choose from between these vintage canisters or barrel canisters, both these picks in my favourite red-maroon; there are other colours you may pick from.

So let’s now make the coffee – fresh, fragrant, steaming hot. An electric Havells Aqua Plus kettle can be used if you’re using an old fashioned coffee press like the Pigeon Xpresso Coffee Percolator, that has a sleek modern look. Or if you feel like being more ‘fancy’, the BALTRA Austin automated coffee maker can be your pick, depending on the person you’d like to send your gift to.

More the instant coffee person? Let me suggest Coffeeza Decaf instant coffee capsules or this lovely looking canister containing premix coffee sachets from Octavius. For fans of cold coffee, you can pick up this Sleepy Owl ready to make cinnamon flavoured cold coffee pack.

Mugs/ cups could be these by ExclusiveLane – pick from the options Handcarved Handglazed or Imprinted Pottery, any of which can be handy in your kitchen, on this sturdy and natural bamboo mug stand, or a stainless steel one that may be longer lasting.

What about tea, you say? Clearly, I’m more of a coffee person, but you could pick between the Chaayos Tea gift box or Vahdam premium loose-leaf teas, or choose tea bags from this Vahdam sampler gift pack. Brew it on the stovetop as usual, or in an InstaCuppa double walled glass bottle infuser that can also be used on travel.

For a beautiful home

Patchwork quilts, or things made with patchwork quilting can brighten up a home, making it feel warm and welcoming. The ideal thing would be, if you are into craft and handiwork, do the quilting yourself. For last minute Christmas gift ideas, though, you could check out some of my picks – things I would gift a loved one, certainly.

You could choose between this silk patchwork quilt with Kantha work or a cotton one that boasts of a 1000 thread count, a soft and warm quilt. Something for your living room? I loved these ethnic look cushion covers in slightly muted colours. You could also choose this set of ethnic design cushion covers in richer colours

Prefer pastels and more abstract designs? This set of abstract design throw cushion covers will make a fine gift, and will go very well with this hand woven braided jute round rug. Pair it up with some poufs and you have a nifty living area or a reading corner. With maybe a Resting Buddha figurine made of brass on a side table or bookshelf, and some quirky coffee themed wall decor.

Did someone say books?

Ah, books.

There are a ton of books you could pick from. Too many to name individual books. But there are some kind of books that you can gift for Christmas, New Year, or any occasion, really!

There are books from over the past few years. Then there are books by women authors translated into English. There are books by some Indian authors who have tried to fight patriarchy through their words. Books that navigate historical fiction through the words of women, and books that put forth a radical idea that an Indian woman could be happily single by choice.

And what about some feminist fantasy or just the astonishing range of feminism in literature? What if the women from our epics come to tell their own stories?

There are horror books by women writers on the one hand, and coming of age books that even 18 year olds can read.

And what about comfort reads? Here are some chocolate themed books that would make some fine Christmas gift ideas.

So many more books out there. But let’s go on to the next thing you can send as much loved gift – chocolates.

Chocolates make the best Christmas gift ideas!

You cannot go wrong with chocolate. Usually. And unless your loved one is allergic to some component of chocolate. My favourite chocolate is plain milk chocolate. Or I go to the other extreme for the weird and wonderful chocolate popcorn. But that’s just me. There are so many others out there.

What would a mouth-watering wishlist of chocolate look like?

It could be just yummy, satisfying slabs of chocolate. Or chocolate in bite-sized miniatures. It could be the wistful coffee chocolate, or the classic chocolate eclairs we have been eating since childhood. For those of you not allergic to nuts, what about some yum Ferrero-Rocher? Toblerone, anybody?

Then Lindt white chocolate truffles are the stuff of dreams; Lindt has a whole lot in a range of prices for every pocket. Belgians, of course, make the best kind of chocolate.

Chocolate can make an excellent companion to flowers, or a refreshing plant in a handsome ceramic pot, or even to any book you might gift. And there’s no end to imaginative gifting with chocolate.

There are so many other things that could be personalised Christmas gift ideas, based on the relationship you have with the person you want to gift, what you know they might like and treasure, and even something that could become an heirloom in time.

Accessories – jewellery, scarfs, bags, and more, gadgets, clothes, DIY kits, games, cosmetics, ‘useful things’… the sky is literally the limit for the interested shopper. I leave it all to you.

Full disclosure: Of course this list is made with things that I love, would love. Hint; hint!

A Merry Christmas, and safe and joyous holidays to you and yours!

Image source: Nicole Michalou on pexels

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