12 Outfits You Must Buy For The Convenience Of Pockets In Your Clothes

Women’s clothes with pockets? Is that asking for too much? Here are 10 fashion items with pockets that can revolutionise your wardrobe.

Women’s clothes with pockets? Is that asking for too much? Here are 12 fashion items with pockets that can revolutionise your wardrobe.

The reason behind the dwindling interest in women’s clothes with pockets by the fashion industry were varied from the early days. Why do women’s clothes need pockets? Why would she want to step out and what could she store in her pockets?

The other day, I walked out in a hurry. I had had a long stressful day; I picked up my things from the desk and slipped my keys into my trouser pocket. Clang! Something just slipped down and fell noisily on the floor. My keys. My keys? What were they doing there? They should be in my pocket. But, dang! My trouser did not even have a pocket. It had a small horizontal design on the front that suggested a pocket. Just an illusion to fool you into thinking that women’s clothes with pockets are actually not important. Oh, and I must mention that this reputed brand had a design only on one side. Like, we need a fake pocket on one side.

Which made me wonder, why should my clothes not have pockets? I don’t want to lug around a bag everywhere. I mean, look at men’s fashion. They seem to have a pocket here and there and everywhere! Pockets are great to carry some items that you want to hide in the inner compartment without the added weight of a bag.

No, but wait. Either women carry a handbag (and you’ll often be asked the question, “why do you carry a big bag?”) or hold things awkwardly in the hand. I suppose pockets would add an extra bulge that would take away the “aesthetic sense” of the design. eye roll

The pocketless story over the ages

The West

Women’s clothes with pockets were almost non-existent centuries ago. So, forget women’s rights, we didn’t even have a small compartment to store our essentials unless you strapped a pouch or a hip purse to your waist – a common scenario throughout the 1700s. Early on, women wore endless layers below gowns and the purse-like item was stored layers beneath. So, simply get those layers off to access one pocket. This led to the birth of a purse, or the reticule, as it was called.

The late 1800s witnessed a rebellion though. Most sewing patterns included pockets for the independent woman. Later on, women also started donning pants for comfort or as a sign of rebellion. Post both the world wars, and with the working women coming in full force, women finally had clothing that worked.

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Ancient India

In ancient India, women wore short skirts from the waist to the knees and a cloth that was wrapped around the head. By the Vedic period, this cloth was wrapped and pinned around the body with pleats around the waist. A tight blouse was worn underneath. It was by the Guptan period, that women moved towards a longer version of this skirt (antariya) – the saree and the gagri (swirling skirt).

As the years passed, the drape changed, the fabrics changed. And, those women who had essentials to carry simply rolled it up into the edge of the saree pallu, knotted it and tucked it into their waist. This was considered to be a “safe place” as pockets were certainly non-existent. The only other option being was tucking a small wallet into the saree blouse – a practice I still notice till date.

Women’s fashion now

Fashion is fickle and keeps changing. But, in today’s times, women on the red carpet are also donning gowns that include pockets. Yes, pockets! Now, I’m the kind of a person who would like to get on the dance floor and pockets definitely make it easy to carry your essential items. You can dance hands-free without asking your friends to keep an eye on the bag or carry it around in person.

Thankfully, a good number of brands are listening to us after all the years of the missing women’s clothes with pockets. While the men are busy shoving their hands inside their pockets for reasons they know best, we can now boast a wider range of real pockets. Because, we want pockets in every outfit that we own. Real functional pockets.

10 fashion items that rock women’s clothes with pockets

Who doesn’t love an easy-breezy knee length dress? Well, look! It has pockets. This is perfect to wear on a day out at the coffee shop.

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Instead of carefully concealing pockets, this design has added a touch of quirk by bringing attention to the pockets. The pretty pattern is eye-catching making you want to walk around in style.

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Now, who doesn’t love the classic kurta? This dress is styled like a kurta and is versatile for your office meetings or a meet with friends. It’s so easy to carry your mobile phone, keys and other essentials in those pockets, isn’t it?

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Formal trousers with not two but four pockets are great indeed. So, you can quickly stash away some items you need to carry in person for that meeting. I’d like to hide a bar of chocolate for extended meetings.

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Loose anti-fit dresses are comfortable for every Indian silhouette. Shades of charcoal grey can be worn for that boardroom meet. Have an office night out? Stash a light pair of leggings in those large pockets and wear it with heels.

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A cute kurti that goes with leggings or jeggings are both stylish and functional when adorned with those pockets. It’s safe to keep some change or slip a wallet in that one! This is perfect to meet over coffee with friends or a trip to the mall.

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A shrug is a much-needed garment. It’s great for those not-waxed days or “I don’t have anything to wear” days. This one comes in snazzy colours and includes pockets!

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Now, turning into a showstopper does not mean you compromise. Women’s clothes with pockets have even extended to the jumpsuit.

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Imagine lugging around large tote bags or those tiny clutches (what can go in there?) to a beautiful red carpet kind of event. This ballroom gown comes with pockets and we know how we’d like to shake a leg on the dance floor without a bag falling off our arms. Or, constantly watching over our shoulder to see if our bag on the chair is “alright”.

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What’s best about this design is the pocket that acts as a part of the creation. Now, why be ashamed of pockets? Got it? Flaunt it!

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What’s a hoodie jacket without pockets? Just like a large handbag without compartments! This one nails it though. It’s got large pockets to keep everything but the kitchen sink!

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I love the traditional as well as contemporary Indian kurtas. In the recent times, pockets have been added by a thoughtful number of designers who do remember that women need pockets.

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I hope you’ve loved this collection of women’s clothes with pockets. So, be it a dress, skirt, gown or kurta, women finally have a choice. The pockets are no longer an illusion. These are stylish, functional and a sure sign of a woman who likes to step out in style wearing fashion that works for her.

Header image source: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Instagram

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