We All Deserve A Pat On The Back, Even If From Ourselves!

We all need a pat on the back now and again, and we owe it to give one to ourselves at times when it isn't forthcoming from anyone else.

We all need a pat on the back now and again, and we owe it to give one to ourselves at times when it isn’t forthcoming from anyone else.

“Give yourself a pat on the back,” said my Photography teacher. I was all of 18 or 19 years when he said those words. A naive 18 year old who had no idea what happens outside one’s comfort zone.

“Isn’t that a silly thing to do?” we all wondered. Why should one give oneself a pat on the back? We wait for encouragement from our teachers, our family, and our friends. This gesture sounded silly.

To this he said, “In life, no matter the situation, you always need to remind yourself you are doing good. Don’t expect others to pat your back and encourage you all the time. Sometimes, you need to do it yourself.”

Wow! What a heavily loaded sentence for someone who constantly looked for validation outside her own little world.

As time flew by, I found myself so drawn into the professional world and juggled multiple responsibilities that brought satisfaction as well as stress. I realised the meaning of those words said in the Fine Art college tucked away in a corner on the Altinho hill in Goa. Now, amidst the chaos in the city, with the constant blaring of horns, I realised that hard work, creativity and talent doesn’t always get the expected appreciation. Yes, you win your awards, you gain exposure, but there are days, when you must indeed give yourself a pat on the back. These are the days you need to appreciate yourself without seeking validation from others.

To the ladies who are juggling a job with home duties

Please pat yourself on your back. I know how it feels to work relentlessly as running a house is indeed a full-time job. This does not get you weekend breaks as promised. Don’t wait for your manager to notice, don’t wait for your husband to sing your praises. Look in the mirror. Pat, no, thump yourself on your back.

To the women who are chasing their goals

Give yourself a pat on the back. You may have chosen to chase your professional dreams. You may be a budding entrepreneur struggling to understand what you are doing in an already crowded market. In moments like these, remind yourself why you are doing it. You’ll realise you have come so far and deserve a pat on the back!

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To the women who are full-time mommies

You are indeed superwomen! You are shaping young minds to think, you are a role-model for your little one. No matter how tiresome it may seem at times, when the dark circles get darker and when you can’t handle the constant chaos – please take a break and give yourself a pat on the back. Remind yourself you can surely get through this and appreciate yourself a whole lot more.

To the ladies who are unsure about what they want to do in life

It’s totally fine! You may not have understood your career goals or found your passion. It’s ok! Just pat yourself on your back for doing what you are doing and do not pressurise yourself as everyone around you has found the answers to their life worries. To be honest? Not everyone has a clue and not everything appears as it seem.

The constant rush to do things, the to-do lists, career goals, relationship goals, and much more often leave us feeling drained. We keep thinking, “I could have done better,” or “I really need to push myself more.” Our troubled minds don’t seek happiness in everyday life. We seek to wait for our goals to be accomplished to be happy.

What we need to do instead is to give ourselves a pat on the back for our little accomplishments. That new dish you tried, or how you managed to explore a new destination. Think differently and watch the world change around you. Don’t wait for that moment to be perfect.

Keep going, keep smiling and yes, pat yourself on your back!

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