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makeup products for dark skin
If Nandita Das Went Out To Buy Makeup Products For Dark Skin, What Would She Find?

A couple of years ago, it would have been tough to find makeup products for dark skin. Has the situation changed? Has the cosmetic industry woken up to this need?

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women's clothes with pockets
12 Outfits You Must Buy For The Convenience Of Pockets In Your Clothes

Women’s clothes with pockets? Is that asking for too much? Here are 10 fashion items with pockets that can revolutionise your wardrobe.

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mannequin book review
‘Mannequin’ Reveals The Grim True Life Stories Of Our Fashion Models

In her book Mannequin, Manjima Bhattacharjya decodes the connection between fashion and feminism, and tells us the real stories behind this glittering world.

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My Dear Exes, I’ve Been Your Victim But Not Anymore

Are we moving past the expectation that a woman must have only 'one great love' in her life? Here's a letter to not one but three exes.

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pat on the back
We All Deserve A Pat On The Back, Even If From Ourselves!

We all need a pat on the back now and again, and we owe it to give one to ourselves at times when it isn't forthcoming from anyone else.

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judging divorcees
I’m A Divorcee. How Does That Make My Life A Topic Of Juicy Gossip?

A couple of self-righteous women shamed me in public for being divorced. Is judging divorcees OK when you have no clue of their realities, ladies?

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treating yourself
Why Is Treating Yourself To Something You Enjoy So Important?

Giving yourself the importance you deserve, and treating yourself to something that you like once in a while is essential. Because you're worth it!

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not a good cook
When I Decided To Take My [Lack Of] Cooking Skills With A Pinch of Salt

OK, so I am not a good cook. Does that decrease the importance of what I can do? And isn't cooking a skill that everyone must learn, woman or man?

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that elusive happiness
That Elusive Happiness [#ShortStory]

Where was this girl now? Was she lost in her mountain of problems? She missed herself. Yes, it is possible. This ‘best version’ of herself. Before someone else destroyed her.

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conversations with a stranger
Conversations With A Stranger [#ShortStory]

The conversation carried on for a couple of hours. We remembered old times. “We were so young and foolish,” he said.

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