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That Elusive Happiness [#ShortStory]

Posted: June 20, 2017

Where was this girl now? Was she lost in her mountain of problems? She missed herself. Yes, it is possible. This ‘best version’ of herself. Before someone else destroyed her.

She put down her phone and sighed.

It’s trendy to search everything on Google nowadays,” she thought. We can find a job at the click of a button. We can purchase that dreamy cold-shoulder dress for the upcoming party. We can even order food if we don’t feel like cooking.

What about happiness?

Yes, happiness. She wondered – when was the last time she felt happy? Was it that moment when he purchased the latest trends from the mall for her? Or, was it when he took her to the most happening bash in town? If that was so, why did she feel so dull despite all this?

And, what happened to her older self? The one who took time to enjoy the sights nature had to offer. She was the one who found happiness in the little things. Nobody else could dictate how she would run the day.

Yet, here she was. The one who had given the control of her reins in someone’s hands. She placed complete trust in one person. She threw caution to the wind, oblivious to what was going to come next.

Where was this girl now? Was she lost in her mountain of problems? She missed herself. Yes, it is possible. This ‘best version’ of herself. Before someone else destroyed her. Or, should we say, before she let someone destroy her.

The wild boho-chic girl.The girl who could retain her quick sense of humour in any situation. The same girl who motivated people to find the good in others.

Now, she could barely search for the good in her own self.

She peered out of the window. The storm raged outside. The trees were bent with the fury of the wind. She watched the dark sky being lit up every now and then with bursts of lightning. The noise was indeed deafening. While everyone scurried for cover, she stepped out. Hoping the rain would wash away the layers of her new skin. She wished fervently to rediscover herself, and turn back time to that moment when she was a free bird. Free in her thinking, free to find her happiness.

So, what was holding her back? Those invisible shackles of the mind, wasn’t it?

Those invisible knots that limited her thinking capacities which bound her to him. She wished for her soul to be released. Just like the good ol’ days.

Shouldn’t love be uplifting? Shouldn’t it be about finding the best for one another?” she pondered.

And with a flick of her wrist, she stared at her mobile screen. This time she switched it off. Because she knew where her answers lay.

Image source: pixabay

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