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Conversations With A Stranger [#ShortStory]

Posted: June 4, 2017

The conversation carried on for a couple of hours. We remembered old times. “We were so young and foolish,” he said.

Hey,” I said.

Hello, there! How have you been?” He replied with a slight lop-sided smile.

I replied, “I’m good. What about you?” My heart was thumping with joy. “It’s been so many years,” I thought to myself.

Yeah, life is good. Do you know? I’m a platinum member at this most popular 5-star hotel,” he added with pride.

Oh! Really? Umm, cool,” I replied

What would you like to order? This is one of the best hotels, so you’ll get nothing but the best,” he added.

An hour later, I was sipping a bitter-tasting coffee. Did I forget to mention the number of packets of sugar I added? Ah! Never mind. My heart longed for good ol’ South Indian coffee. Simple, and addictive!

It’s been so many years. You haven’t changed at all,” he said. I grimaced. Possibly the scars within have been closely wrapped with years of practiced mind control. “Happy thoughts,” so they say?

Well, you also appear the same. Almost….” I mumbled embarrassed, hoping I won’t blush as usual in a fake attempt to return the compliment.

The conversation carried on for a couple of hours. We remembered old times. “We were so young and foolish,” he said.

I think that hurt me somewhere,” I thought to myself.

Yet, I replied, “Oh, yeah, right.”

More time passed and a chocolate tiramisu was devoured with no excitement. We bid adieu as the rains started slowly. I headed back home mulling over my thoughts.

Everything has changed,” I thought. But, as for me, this was indeed a conversation with a stranger. A stranger I knew from my past…

I headed to my favourite local café. The bitterness of the coffee still lingered on… “I need to do something about it,” I said to myself as I deleted his number.

Image source: shutterstock

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