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How To Cope The Increasing Frequency Of Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Frustration And Anger At Home During The Pandemic?

Posted: June 7, 2020

There are scientifically proven ways to deal with negative emotions and attitudes when you are stuck at home.

Here are the possible ways which you can apply at home to cope with these unwanted energies and emotions:

Stay Away From Social Media For A While

We all know that the internet is currently booming with the pros and cons of Coronavirus and lockdown situations. But you do not have to read it. Take a social detox; many of us are already doing it. This is a peak time to heal your mental stability.

When you switch your cell phone off and stay away from social media accounts for a while, you are giving your mental capabilities another chance to rest and recover. You won’t be overwhelmed with the information streaming online. Thus, it helps curb unwanted anxiety, aggression, and frustration about something that should not matter to you.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean, Cool and Calm

Many clinical psychologists prefer that you set your bed properly to get the best sleep at night. If your bed is messy, smelly, or unclean, it won’t help put your mind to sleep, which it needs.

Thus, change the sheets once in a while, keep in the dark or under the fan for it to cool, switch off the lights at night if you are not scared of the dark, and keep a roof refreshers or aromatic candles adjacent to the bed.

These tricks help to remove the building up frustration, anger, anxiety, and sleeplessness a lot with time, despite the lockdown situation in your region.

List The Essential Things To Be Done In A Day And Take Breaks In Between

Start your morning with a task list that needs to be done before the day ends. Take breaks whenever you need it while completing those tasks. In the end, watch the list and see how much you achieved out of it. It gives a sense of accomplishment, productivity, and worthiness to your mind. Thus, you would not feel out of focus, helplessness, anxious, or even frustrated anymore.

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