Let’s Speak Up, Ladies; Tell Us Your Stories Of Periods At Work!

As a working woman, you have a right to have your #PeriodAtWork story heard. And speaking up is the first step to making a change – let us all be changemakers!

As working women who have a voice, why should we be embarrassed to talk about #PeriodAtWork? We also have a right to voice our stories without any judgement, shaming, or trivialising of anything. At Women’s Web, we provide you that safe space.

Share your personal stories about menstrual and reproductive health (period leave, need for working, hygienic toilets, health issues like dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, PCOD, menopause and related hormonal issues, and many more issues most menstruators face – anything!) and how it affects you in your careers at your workplace.

You can also share your positive experiences – have you been heard, understood, and helped in some way at the workplace about your periods? We’d like to know.

Sharing your experiences of #PeriodAtWork, what you need at this time and how your workplace can support you can actually make a positive difference in long term workplace policies! The first step could be sharing your story.

Here is my story –

As a young woman more than 2 decades ago,I worked in the healthcare system, which is essentially a strongly hierarchical system, much like the military. A senior’s word is law.

Doctors and nurses know all about periods, more than anyone else. YET, the experience of periods and all the related problems was something that we struggled to convey to male colleagues and our bosses – even female bosses. We hid our periods, quietly suffered the pain and the many unsavoury “hormonal” jokes, and still showed up at work. It sucked that as working women, we did not get the support we deserved and needed – and this was a work environment that had more women in the medical and paramedical staff! Taking time off for menstruation related problems was not even a viable thing, especially given the work was almost 24/7. I can narrate many, many stories…

Hopefully, this is not the case in hospitals now, but I don’t know, as I left it behind a long time ago, and of course I now work in an inclusive, feminist space that understands my biological needs.

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Every working woman certainly has her own version of such stories.

Here are some of the stories shared by our authors earlier

Dr Shalini Mullick speaks about the screeching silence at workplaces about menopause. as does Bhuvana Subramanyan about the appalling stigma menopause has at the workplace as well as home.

Karishma VP writes about the pushback against period leave, mostly by men. Preeti says that there are even some women who somehow feel that asking for period leave is a setback for women’s empowerment.

Natasha Ramarathnam says that normalising talk about #PeriodAtWork and having period leave can lead to long term positive policy changes.

In the meantime, though, availability of clean, hygienic, and working toilets for women at work remains problematic, as Vijeta Harishankar states. It is worse for women working in retail in small shops and for daily wages, who depend mostly on the public toilet system, says Vishwathika in her piece.

As Ishita Roy says, this translates to a systematic lack of opportunities for women – at colleges and workplaces.

Why should I send in my story?

As a working woman, you have a right to have your story heard. And speaking up is the first step to making a change – let us all be changemakers.

On our part, we will be sharing the best 10 of the featured stories on social media.

How do I share my story?

Do you have a #PeriodAtWork story that you’d like to share? You could tell us your story as a personal account, or as a fictionalised version.

Log into your author dashboard and upload it with the hashtag #PeriodAtWork alongside your title. If you aren’t yet an author with Women’s Web, it’s easy to register here.

Some important rules

~ This should be a previously unpublished story.

~ Once published on Women’s Web, you may not publish it in whole elsewhere, except for an excerpt with a link back to us. They will remain exclusive to us.

Is there a deadline?

Send in your stories by Sunday, 10th September, 11.59 PM. The earlier you send your story, the better, as we will begin publishing stories as they come in, all through September.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and upload your story. We’re looking forward to it.

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