2 European Girls Visiting India Learnt How Perceptions Around Periods Can Be Very Different

PraveenLata Sansthan held an event to bust myths related to menstruation in a village near Jaipur. Two European girls attended it. This is their experience.

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There’s No Such Thing As ‘Normal’ Period Pain; Stop Shaming Women For Taking Medication
medication for period pain

Painful periods are very common, and yet it is extraordinary how women are blatantly told to "bear the pain" and often even shamed for taking medication for period pain!

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As 21st Century Citizens, Let’s Question Tradition And Chuck Out Menstrual Taboos

The original reasons for confining women during their periods is no longer relevant. Why continue with outdated customs, then?

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Being On Periods For Women In War Zones Or Refugee Camp Makes For Horror Stories
women in war zones

The humanitarian crisis response to refugee status needs to include the very real problems of menstruating girls and women in war zones.

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“Mumma You’re Bleeding!” How I Explained Menstruation To My Young Son

Explaining menstruation to your young son might be a tough task but this mother nailed it with her explanation! Read on for an easy way to explain periods!

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Why Your Period Is Not ‘Code Red’ Or Your ‘Time Of The Month’
menstrual blood

Menstruation is considered a taboo in Indian society, and girls are taught silence around the topic. But why the shame?

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