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pain during periods
Zomato’s Leave Policy For Pain During Periods Shows How To Be Sensitive To Employee Needs

Women are still shamed for wanting rest for pain during periods; so Zomato declaring menstrual leave for women and trans employees, and others who menstruate is a step forward.

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A Household Name, Zomato Gives Paid Period Leave To Female & Trans Employees In An Inclusive Step
Zomato gives paid period leave

Zomato gives paid period leave in an inclusive move for both women and trans employees. Being a household name, the awareness hopefully reaches deeper.

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Finally An Ad That Breaks Silence Around Periods With Women Bleeding Red, Not Blue!
RIO sanitary pads ad

The RIO sanitary pads ad is breaking the taboo by showing period blood as red, not blue. But is Indian society ready for this change?

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Ananya Paul Dodmani Shares Her Menstrual Health Work With Women In North-East India

Tribal right activist, a sustainable menstrual warrior and an educator, Ananya Dodmani tells us her hopes of future of tribal communities in the North-East.

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What Using A Menstrual Cup Taught Me About My Privilege

Moving over to using a mentrual cup from sanitary pads has been a revelation of sorts - that I was privileged enough to have pads in the first place, something 40% of Indian women don't.

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The Period Drama – Why Do We Still Hesitate While Talking Openly About Periods?

Do you remember when you got your first period and how scared you were? Even in 2020, why are women still shy of talking about something so normal?

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