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Period Feast
Period Feast Goes Viral, Debunking Every Myth That Surrounds Menstruation

In response to a Bhuj sect's Swami declaring that a woman who cooks during menstruation will be reborn as a 'kutri', a group of 28 women held a 'period feast' which was supported by many people.

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Godman’s Comments Make Me Wonder If Men Will Ever Get Out Of Menstruating Women’s Pants!

Men, especially godmen who have nothing to do with women's everyday lives, have no business dictating the rules for their bodily functions. When will religion get out of women's pants?

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Karma Is A Bitch, You Know; Sometimes No One At Office Is A Friend

Now it was Akash's turn. As he unwrapped his gift, there was pin-drop silence. He saw people nudging each other. Many could even guess why he was gifted that. There was suppressed laughter.

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Yes, I Bleed; And It Doesn’t Make Me Impure

As a menstruating woman, I bleed every month. It is biological, powerful, and no matter what society feels, it does not make me shameful or impure.

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Bhuj College Makes 68 Girls Remove Panties To Check If They’re On Periods
Bhuj girls

A college run by the followers of the Swaminarayan Mandir in Bhuj recently forced 68 girl students in the hostel remove their panties to check if they were on periods, because of 'impurity' reasons.

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My First Experience Of Sisterhood As A Fairly Privileged 13 Year Old Girl On My Periods
One Foot on the Ground Shanta Gokhale memoir excerpt

An interesting excerpt from Shanta Gokhale's empowering memoir One Foot On The Ground: A Life Told Through the Body, that won the Crossword Book Award in the English Non-fiction (Jury) category at their 2019 edition.

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