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premenstrual dysphoric disorder
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, When PMS Gets Unbearably Brutal & Extreme

Even though the most common symptom of premenstrual dysphoric disorder includes extreme mood swings, there is a lot more to it than that.

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‘Plants Die If Touched’ & 14 Other Period Myths In Rural School Kids, Even In 2022…
period myths

A fertile woman is generally considered to be an 'object' that will further increase the family by birthing children, but the period myths make sure she is considered taboo for her fertility.

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When Sanitary Pads Cost Half Your Tuition Fee!

It hurt me to think of the millions who couldn’t purchase such a significant product. I stared at the quantity of pads. It said, “40 pieces”, which meant a piece cost 12.5 rupees.

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10 Truths About Periods I Want To Tell You, My Daughter

In this open letter to her daughter, a mother normalises talking around menstruation, and destigmatises the stereotypes about it.

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She Can’t Hear Me, But I Try One Last Time ‘Ama, I Am Happy Now; I Am Free… I Just Wish You Knew…’

This would be my first time alone, “I hope you come soon.” Covering my face with a dupatta, I had run towards the woods, consoling myself, “It’s just 3 days. I’ll be fine.”

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Must Watch: Heartwarming To See Dads Getting Over Their Discomfort To Talk To A Daughter About Periods…

Stayfree recently released a Daughter’s Day video ‘It’s Just A Period’. Watch these ordinary fathers making a hesitant effort to talk to their young daughters about periods. 

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