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importance of menstrual hygiene
The Importance Of Menstrual Hygiene & Why We Need To Discuss It!

Menstruation is still quite a taboo topic in India. Here's why we need to discuss the importance of menstrual hygiene with our daughters.

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Hide The Packet In Newspapers & Some ‘Sanskar’ If You Don’t Want Hell To Break Loose!

It is incredibly vital to wrap sanitary pads in newspapers and the dreaded black plastic if you're a 'decent & sanskari' woman, isn't it?

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Actor Shoaib Ibrahim Pampers Wife On Period; Says Let’s Normalise Talk Of Menstruation! 

In a YouTube video, actor Shoaib Ibrahim says “it’s high time we talk about it (periods) normally,” and takes care of actor wife Dipika during her periods.

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Before Period Tracker Apps, How Did I Track My Periods? I Didn’t!
period tracker apps

Period tracker apps are a great way to keep track of the dates of your periods, and possible timing of PMS, and so many other things.

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Why Do I Have To Use This Wad Of Cloth, Maa? Why Can’t I Have Pads?
period poverty

A pad and a bra change the equation of your life and you wonder if growing up is such a big embarrassment, a sinuous trail beyond your capacity to traverse, a virus that gnaws at your childhood.

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We Didn’t Ask For Periods, Stop Blaming Us When They Happen At ‘Inconvenient Times’

A young woman from rural India asks a pertinent question - Isn't the goddess they worship a girl? Won't she get periods too? If she does, will they send her out of the temple?

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