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Why Do I Have To Use This Wad Of Cloth, Maa? Why Can’t I Have Pads?

A pad and a bra change the equation of your life and you wonder if growing up is such a big embarrassment, a sinuous trail beyond your capacity to traverse, a virus that gnaws at your childhood.

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We Didn’t Ask For Periods, Stop Blaming Us When They Happen At ‘Inconvenient Times’

A young woman from rural India asks a pertinent question - Isn't the goddess they worship a girl? Won't she get periods too? If she does, will they send her out of the temple?

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When My Science Teacher Said I Was ‘Embarrassing’ Others ‘Coz I Bled Out On Periods

'Those days' are capable of giving life. Don't let anyone shame you for having your periods, and don't mess up your cycles with pills to postpone or advance them.

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Why This Video Of Our Rajasthan Royals Men Talking About Periods Is So Brilliant!
Rajasthan Royals men talk about periods

In a country where talking of periods is a taboo, but cricket is almost religion, what better than get Rajasthan Royals men talk about periods for their huge audience?

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Zomato’s Leave Policy For Pain During Periods Shows How To Be Sensitive To Employee Needs
pain during periods

Women are still shamed for wanting rest for pain during periods; so Zomato declaring menstrual leave for women and trans employees, and others who menstruate is a step forward.

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A Household Name, Zomato Gives Paid Period Leave To Female & Trans Employees In An Inclusive Step
Zomato gives paid period leave

Zomato gives paid period leave in an inclusive move for both women and trans employees. Being a household name, the awareness hopefully reaches deeper.

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