Top 5 Toddler Issues and Their Solutions

What disturbs your toddlers as parents are difficult to evaluate. Parents must maintain their composure and understand their activities, the obstacles they face in their search for answers.

Until one year of age, the baby grows at a surprising rate. The initial time is all about feeding, sleeping,  urinating, and doing it all over again. However, by the time a baby turns one, he or she learns to sit, clap, rollover, smiles, and pick up objects.

 In addition, by the time, he reaches the toddler phase, he can stand or run independently, express himself through broken sentences, gain attention through his cute mannerism and have his way too.

Read on further to understand the Toddler issues and the solutions for parents.

Raising Toddlers can be a Hair-Raising Experience!

Toddlers try to learn how to walk or talk independently.  They are quick to grab things from anywhere, trying to explore things around them, making a mess of themselves, often risking themselves, inadvertently.

These tiny beings go through a lot of physical and emotional changes during this time. As a result,  Teething, which can be uncomfortable, makes them angry, moody, fussy, and irritable. It’s hard to evaluate what is bothering your children as a parent. However, parents must remain cool and understand their actions, as well as the difficulties that they raise in an attempt to find answers.

Problems with Toddlers and How to Solve Them

Toilet Training

Toilet training is an important milestone in a toddler’s life. Your child should  express the need to go to the washroom.

Impact – Let your child get ready for the particular phase. It is important not to force children to be toilet trained. As a result, children might get scared and  take longer to understand. It may result in bladder infections if the child is not toilet trained.

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Solution – As a result, you can give the child a potty seat of their favorite color. If they seemed to be ready for toilet trained. Whenever, you see the sign that your child may want to urinate or poop, take them to the washroom. In other words, explain to them how they are supposed to do poop or urinate by sitting on their seat. Most importantly, appreciate your child by clapping.

Not Having Meals

Not having enough meals may lead to low energy levels in toddlers. As an instance, kids play, run, walk, and jump they do more physical activities in this phase. Most importantly,  having the correct amount of energy is important for their mental and physical development.

Impact – Not having proper and healthy meals can cause a nutritional deficiency in toddlers. As a result, this may cause anemia, low immunity, and low vitamin D and B.  It is considered crucial for the growth of the toddler.

Solution –  Make mealtime a fun time by letting him eat himself, even if he spills food. Therefore, he can recognize his hunger and can eat accordingly. Most importantly, avoid mobile phones or TV while eating. Moreover, start by giving smaller portions.

Showing Tantrums

Toddlers don’t know how to express feelings. As a result, he or she will throw up tantrums to have his or her way.

Impact – This behavior and acceptance of this behavior play a major role in the toddler’s stubborn behavior.  He or she might feel when they will behave this way, that is throwing tantrums, things will get solved in their way.

Solution – You can ask him politely what he wants. Being a parent, assure him that you understand what he wants and will help him out. Help him to calm down and speak in a soft yet firm tone.

Not Sleeping

At this age, toddlers need proper mental rest to have good brain development. Not sleeping on time or just refuse to go to bed is a common problem.

ImpactNot following a sleep schedule may lead to slow mental growth and irritability in toddlers. They may feel tired and can lack concentration.

SolutionIf your child is having 6 hours of sleep at a stretch,  make a sleep schedule. This routine will help him go to bed early. It can keep your child active, then get tired and sleep on time at night, with one nap during the day.

Scared of Crowds

Your child has been surrounded by individuals he recognizes from birth.  He may refuse to meet new people at times. If not treated appropriately, he may develop a long-term phobia of new places or people.

ImpactThis may lead to fear of separation. The child might feel that his family members  going to leave him. Exposing him to a huge crowd of unknown people may lead to uneasy behavior.

SolutionPrepare your child for an upcoming outing or social gathering by instilling excitement in him or her. Inform him of activities that may be of interest to him. Like, meeting other kids of their age, games, swings, and so on. If your child is afraid to go out in public, just assure him with a smile and hold him.  Hug him and appreciate him for his cooperation.

Raising toddlers can be tricky and troublesome. It is one of the most cherished phases.  Follow the above solutions to effectively handle the toddler issues and experience a delightful parenting journey.


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