5 Foolproof Tips To Inculcate Love Of Books In Your Kids: March Was Book Reading Month

March is celebrated in the US as National Book Reading month, in honour of Dr Seuss. Here are 5 tips for parents who ask - how to get kids to read?

March is celebrated in the US as National Book Reading month, in honour of Dr Seuss. Here are 5 tips for parents who ask – how to get kids to read?

28th February is the birthday of Dr Seuss, a beloved author for children, and in his honour, there is much fuss in the US regarding National Book reading month.

Cultivating reading habits and exploring the imaginary world of storytelling are a few things that people around the world do this month. However, there are quite a few moms out there who are aware of this day but have no idea what to do. Thrusting a book into kids’ hands and asking them to read isn’t going to work.

Here are some fabulous ideas, though to make them love books and reading, worth remembering for a lifetime!

Let’s get into some beautiful ideas on how to celebrate book reading month.

Introduce kids early into the world of books

Well it doesn’t mean you are going to pile up a large stack of books in front of them.

Children can be introduced to books as early as two years old. Look at reading lists on blogs for kids. Read out loud to them every night before sleeping; make it a daily routine until gradually they start reading on their own.

Make fun visits to the library

Be true to yourself and ask when the last time was you took your kid to the library. If the answer is no, then this is the right time to start.

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Take your kid to the library at least on the weekend and indulge in one of the best things about it- Reading in silence!

A bookshelf is essential in every home

Many wise people have said there is only one thing that is essential in a house, bookshelf.  This month include your kids to clean and rearrange the books. Not only that will inculcate a responsibly in them, trust me it will be one of the best times you got to spend with them!

Let kids choose & buy their own books

Take kids to nearby book stores and purchase some books. Introduce them to the vast variety of genre and collections. Let them select their own. Let them discover them all by themselves.

Storytelling sessions and workshops

If you are willing to go the extra mile, then check out for workshops and storytelling sessions nearby and register.

Storytelling sessions are cultivated by people who have the gift of storytelling. Let your kid get mesmerized by the beauty of stories. Let them weave stories of their own. If you don’t find any such sessions nearby you, organize one yourself. Encourage your kids’ friends to come home on the weekend and arrange a storytelling meeting all by yourself. It will be more fun than you can imagine.

Author’s note: Do not ever force them to read (or make it a random act for punishment) for their mischief. Reading is a habit that should be cultivated slowly and steadily with a pinch of love and with much patience. There is a quote – “Children have never been excellent listeners to the elders, but they never fail to imitate them.” Hope you got my point!

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