Five Books That I Passed On To My Daughters, Now Its Your Turn!

This International Children's Book Day, let's start the most amazing habit we can inculcate into our kids-Reading!

#InternationalChildren’sBookDay, April 2

Do you read? Apart from the school syllabus, newspaper while sipping a hot cup of tea, office mail or grocery list. if no, then this is the right time to start; your children are watching you!

There is a rapid decline in reading habits from the past few decades. Most of the children didn’t read any other books than their school books till the age of 12 which is concerning. We all know a child that reads today is the grown-up who thinks!

If you are confused and looking for some good children books for your kids to start, here is a list of five extraordinary books that have inspired and involved for decades without letting an ounce of its charm fade. I choose classics here, collection once I grew up to and now that I passed on to my daughters. This International Children’s Book Day, let’s start the most amazing habit we can inculcate into our kids-Reading!

Charlotte’s Web

Author: E.B.White

Genre: Classic, Children’s literature

Age: 5+

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Introduce your kid into the world of love, affection, and friendship. It is the story of Charlotte and Wilbur, their hardship and determination. Charlotte is a large grey spider who found solace in the friendship of Wilbur, the pig. Later when Charlotte realized Wilbur’s life was soon going to end at some chopping block, Charlotte swears by heaven never to let that happen. Thus, begins an astounding story of sacrifice!

Charlotte’s Web is undeniably one of the best classics ever!


Black Beauty

Author: Anna Sewell

Genre: Novel, Children’s literature

Age: 8+

Black beauty is the reason for my love for books, mainly classics.  An inspiring tale of a black horse and its incredible journey. Sewell’s black beauty was first of its kind in 1877 that broke all the records to enter new literary grounds. People were enlightened with many facts related to horses and their behaviors. Very popular among young reader then and now!



Author: Roald Dahl, Illustration: Quentin Blake

Genre: Fantasy, Children’s literature

Age: 5+

Matilda, a five-year-old with highly intellectual abilities lived in a small village, Buckinghamshire. She had an unusual precocity that made her stay out from others. Even before turning five, she has read many books by different authors. She struggled with her family and found it difficult to cope with the situation. This is what makes her turn to find solace in books. Towards the end ( read happy ending), the book teaches you one big lesson: to be determined, whatever may be the situation.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

Illustration: Quentin Blake, Michael Foreman

Genre: Fairy tale, Humour, Fantasy Fiction, Children’s literature

Age: 7+

The world of fantasy has always fascinated young readers across the globe. Readers loved Charlie Buckets but were more curious to know about Willy Wonka, the eccentric chocolatier. Wonka invites five children to his factories along with Charlie Buckets without even having an iota of an idea that his life is going to change forever!

Explore the fantasy world and enjoy the humour riot!


Peter Pan

Author: J M Barrie

Illustration: F D Bedford

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Children’s Literature

Age: 9+

Adventure and magic land are the most popular pair, capturing the imagination of young readers to a large extent. Peter Pan is the story of a boy who never grew up but could fly. His adventure with Wendy and her little brothers into the land called “Neverland” often became a part of the literary conversation.

A perfect fantasy fiction for young readers!


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