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Being Nominated For Two Categories In Orange Flower Awards thrived the budding writer and gave me a new identity.

Posted: January 21, 2020

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I have been nominated for Women’s Web Orange Flower Awards for two categories- Promising New Blogger and Social impact. Can’s be thankful enough!

I stared at my phone for a long 15 minute unable to believe my eyes. I jumped on my feet and started dancing. My kids looked at me apprehensively, and my little one giggled “momma gone crazy”. I can’t blame them; they have ever seen me so happy dancing on my feet…next moment all three of us were dancing as I broke the news to them.

I have been nominated for Women’s Web Orange Flower Awards for two categories- Promising New Blogger and Social impact.

After 10 years of perseverance

I was been university topper, but that was 10 years back. A lot many changes happened thereafter. When I married the man, I loved, the very same year, people poked their unnecessary nose into my life and declared that I had “ dug grave and buried my career”. 

I said nothing!

When I juggled between kids and job, I failed miserably and had to quit the job. People said you should have comprehended it before being a mother. 

I said nothing

I settled with some freelancing job as a content writer, mostly as a ghostwriting, people paid me peanuts and others dig sarcasm of not being enough independent. 

I said nothing!

I had no complaints, raising my kids while struggling to put pieces of my identity together is a “No Regret” factor for me…for many women out there as well. 

The confusion to get started at the start

On March 8th(on my birthday) I wrote my first blog for this wonderful platform. A bit sceptical, confused and hesitant. Women’s Web platform always gave me a “serious vibe”. The writers here, are bold, pragmatic and hard-hitting! There is no “beating around the bush”, only serious writing that impacts the lives of thousands across. However, to my surprise, the writeup got feature published on the same day. My identity as a blogger started gaining face. 

On January 1st, 2020, I received a mail from Women’s Web congratulating me on being Power Contributor and that my rank is 38! My new year started with a bang.

Within two weeks the nomination emails came in my first nomination as a blogger. A moment of pride to know that I have been nominated along with fabulous writers whom I look up to as my mentors. 

And finally, thank you Women’s Web for being a wonderful platform that you are and nominating me and giving me “Voice” to my silence that within held for the last 10 years!


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