‘We Love You But Only On OUR Terms And Conditions’ Is Abuse, Not Love!

We say that we live in modern times and talk on subjects like feminism, supporting your loved ones, encouraging them to follow their dreams. But how many of us can really say that they actually do that?

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1948: The Unsung Women In The Armed Struggle For Hyderabad’s Liberation From The Nizam…

September 17, 1948 is the date when Hyderabad became a part of the Indian Union. Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s book, “Hyderabad (The Partition Trilogy #2) describes the people and events which led to that.

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Why Loving Freely Is The Most Dangerous Thing An Indian Woman Can Do

As things stand right now, the freedom to make your own choices is bought with total and complete cutting of ties from the family unit, and that's not easy, it is not even possible for a lot of people.

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You Have A Mind Of Your Own, So Why Join The Bandwagon?

Just close your eyes and think. You will see that the minute you put your pen to paper a smile appears on your face. Whereas when you pick up the scalpel, you fear the worst.

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My Parents Refused To Chain Me To Patriarchy So I Should Do The Same For Gen Next!
Nilshree Damani Yelulkar

Society will always have a say in whatever you do or not do! If you keep paying heed to what they say, they will accomplish their mission of pulling you down!

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Karnad Sadashiva Rao: Have We Forgotten The ‘Gandhi Of South India’?!
Karnad Sadashiva Rao

What do we know about Karnad Sadashiva Rao who spent his life and all his wealth to reduce caste and gender atrocities on his people?

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