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This Navratri, I'm celebrating being 'difficult'!
This Navratri, I’m Celebrating Being ‘Difficult’!

If we want to speak up, be confident, and change the world for the better, we need to do what Saraswati did.

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Masaba, Why Didn’t You Tell Me This When I Was 25?

Masaba may have been talking to all women, but her advice seems personal to me. I wish I had got this advice when I was younger.

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Crime Series Scoop On Netflix, Is A Delicious Watch

Scoop, on Netflix, tells the story of a crime journalist who is accused of murder when she is investigating a promising lead, and one of the subjects gets murdered.

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fuck off fund
Ladies, Invest In A Fuck Off Fund, The One Thing That Will Ensure Our Freedom!

Why do women feel uncomfortable talking about money? Why do we dread salary negotiations or hesitate to ask for our due? Why do we feel the pressure to justify what we do with our money?

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Being A Laadli Award Winner Is Huge — And How I Tried To Walk The Talk

I remember wishing to myself during the ceremony, that I could bottle this and take it home. God knows I was going to need it.

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Everything Is Perfect Until You Speak Up…But That Is No Reason To Stop!

I am not one to make generalisations, but male arrogance has been normalized by society. Here is how you can tackle it with ease.

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Dear Mom, It’s Me. Writing This Coz I Do Not Want To Become You

I love you as you are; I can’t stop even if I wanted to. You are as much a part of me as I am of you. But there is only so much that I can do in the face of your constant rejection.

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My Home Is My Cook’s Workplace; Surely She Deserves The Support I Expect At Work?

We often talk about corporate workplaces not being friendly to new mothers, yet we hardly give any thought to the workplace we provide to our domestic help.

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My Dear Baby…

I took the first dose at 5am today, Baby. Sometimes, the doctor had said, the “products” exited on ingestion of the first tablet itself. 

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Freelancing Is A Lifestyle Choice I Made; I’m Not Just A ‘Lucky Mom To Get Time With The Baby’

Freelancing is "as demanding as 2 to 3 jobs," says Nivedita Ramesh, who has busted a few myths for those who think that it's a cushy, fun life chilling with her baby.

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