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Nivedita Ramesh

I asked so many questions that I stopped getting answers. Then I started writing.

Voice of Nivedita Ramesh

Dear Mom, It’s Me. Writing This Coz I Do Not Want To Become You

I love you as you are; I can’t stop even if I wanted to. You are as much a part of me as I am of you. But there is only so much that I can do in the face of your constant rejection.

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My Home Is My Cook’s Workplace; Surely She Deserves The Support I Expect At Work?

We often talk about corporate workplaces not being friendly to new mothers, yet we hardly give any thought to the workplace we provide to our domestic help.

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My Dear Baby…

I took the first dose at 5am today, Baby. Sometimes, the doctor had said, the “products” exited on ingestion of the first tablet itself. 

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Freelancing Is A Lifestyle Choice I Made; I’m Not Just A ‘Lucky Mom To Get Time With The Baby’

Freelancing is "as demanding as 2 to 3 jobs," says Nivedita Ramesh, who has busted a few myths for those who think that it's a cushy, fun life chilling with her baby.

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