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10 Essential Books For A Healthier Lifestyle For Indian Women From All Stages Of Their Life

Posted: August 30, 2016

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All of us want a healthier life but don’t know where to begin. These books for a healthy lifestyle help in demystifying some truths for a healthy you.

Books are our best friends. Books do not judge you – instead they are storehouse of knowledge. Books guide us through the rough times and make us see the light. When all else fails…the well meaning friends who drag you to a glamorous gym or the fancy diets that promise quick results and detox routines in spas, we turn to some meaningful books which may guide us step by step easy doable ways taking us on the road to fitness.

Here are some books for a healthy lifestyle which inspire and guide us to do just that.

The PCOD Thyroid Book

PCOD thyroid book

This book by Rijuta Diwekar is a must read. The author, in an easy, conversational and humorous style addresses the issues of nutrition, exercise, sleep and relationships in this book about Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. With real life examples and case studies she puts forth the remedies for weight control in order to reduce the chances of PCOD. Keeping the specific habits and availability of local produce she has charted out a programme that is implementable.

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Dr Mathai’s Holistic Health Guide For Women

Dr mathai

Dr. Isaac Mathai is a holistic health expert based in Bangalore with more than two decades of experience in holistic healing. His book covers a range of diseases and disorders, advice for teenagers on things such as peer pressure, infatuation and the importance of trusting and confiding in parents.

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Jelly Belly : Every Woman’s Guide to Good Health and Happiness

Jelly Belly

Women over 30 often have a belly bulge, which is often due to women neglecting their own health as they fight to stay afloat with multiple commitments – at work and at home – whether post pregnancy, or due to possible hormonal disorders. Dermatologist and author speaks about doable practical solutions that are all about implementing healthy choices, and in the process, fighting that jelly belly.

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The Healthy Indian Diet

The healthy Indian diet

A book authored by a physician, Dr Raj R Patel MD and  also Anuja Balasubramanian and Hetal Jannu, co-founders of the food blog Show Me The Curry, is a useful guide of what to eat to optimize our well-being. With modern diets and refined foods causing number of chronic ailments, the book emphasises on traditional home cooking using natural ingredients which is helpful in controlling issues of obesity, insulin levels and chronic inflammations. In addition to dos and don’ts are some mouthwatering recipes included in the book.

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Prenatal Fitness 360°: The Way to a Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal fitness

Sonali Shivlani with her book has with this book given valuable information to soon-to-be mothers about a healthy pregnancy. The book Prenatal Fitness 360°: The Way to a Healthy Pregnancy allows the new-mother-to-be create her own exercise and nutrition plan from the days before conception, during pregnancy and after child birth. There are five sections in the book that deal with diet plans, nutrition charts, prenatal exercise regimen, postnatal weight loss diet and exercises, and breathing techniques which is a 360 degree approach towards a healthy pregnancy.

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Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy

passport to a healthy pregnancy

With pregnancy books by western authors which are not always relevant to Indian mothers flooding the market, Dr. Gita Arjun brings this useful book which deals with eating healthy, and amalgamates regular Indian food into an ideal pregnancy diet. There is detailed information about labour, delivery and postpartum information and advice. The book also gives tips on bathing the baby and about birth control after delivery. Author also bursts various pregnancy myths.

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Run Like a Girl : How Strong Women Make Happy Lives

Run Like A Girl

Participating in sports has a great impact on women’s confidence and strength, which can spill over into real life situations. The discipline and positivity that this ingrains in a woman equips her to deal with life’s challenges. In this inspiring book, the author Mina Samuels uses personal stories of women and girls of all ages and backgrounds as well as her own, to illustrate this.

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Fit to Fight

Fit to fight

Vesna P Jacob gives practical tips on surviving and fighting difficult situations, even to those who might not be physically fit. The book deals with fitness routines, martial arts and fighting techniques. It also insists on being aware of surroundings and situations which may turn threatening and mental readiness to deal with such situations. In case of any unfortunate incident, the book suggests ways to deal with trauma and medical and legal actions that can be taken. There is a section in book which provide information about helplines, NGOs and laws related to such an mishappening.

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Parenting Teens in Modern Times

Parenting teens in modern times

Adolescence is a time when children struggle with establishing their identity and other challenges which are unique in Indian context. Anju Musafir Chazot looks into challenges faced by teenagers everywhere, like peer pressure within families, in the school environment, hormonal, physical and psychological changes, awareness of sexual desires and emotions with relation to society and traditions. She discusses various situations with families and parents of adolescent kids with real examples in this book and ways to deal with such issues.

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Body Goddess: The Complete Guide on Yoga for Women

Body Goddess

Women’s bodies change throughout their lives – through puberty, pregnancy, menopause, stress, and hormonal disorders like thyroid dysfunction, PCOS, etc. So how does one deal with these changes? Payal Gidwani Tiwari, who is a yoga expert and trainer to many bollywood celebrities, speaks about the basics of yoga and their practical application in our day to day life. Designed for all age groups, this book comes enriched with easy to follow exercise regimes and invaluable tips.

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