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I graduated as an architect and after working for three years decided to be a homemaker and bring up my daughter. I love to travel, read history, paint and now I maitain two blogs (places to see in India) (my poetry and random thoughts)

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seventy and to hell with it
Shobhaa De’s Newest Offering ‘Seventy And To Hell With It’ Is A Delightful, No Holds Barred Romp [#BookReview]

Seventy And To Hell With It. The title itself shows the bindaas attitude that Shobhaa De shows in most of her writing, though this book is a bit different.

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The Doodler of Dimashq
The Doodler Of Dimashq Is A Moving Portrayal Of A Woman Living Through A Devastating War [#BookReview]

Can a woman devastated by war become an unlikely beacon of hope? Kirthi Jayakumar's book The Doodler of Dimashq tells the story of just such a woman.

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Scaachi Koul
Scaachi Koul’s Memoir Of Growing Up Brown In The West Has Many ROFL Moments For The Desi Reader [#BookReview]

One Day We’ll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul is a funny take on a growing up brown in Canada, with all the baggage that comes along.

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Why Does Our Law ‘Allow’ Marital Rape Just Because A Girl Is Over 15?

A new SC judgement on marital rape in the case of young girls between 15 and 18, is deeply disheartening. Why does a young girl not have autonomy over her own body?

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Maid in India
Tripti Lahiri’s Book Maid In India Scrutinizes Our System Of The Live In Maid [#BookReview]

Maid In India by Tripti Lahiri shines a bright light on the murky world of the live in maid, and the abuse by employers that is common.

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Human Milk Bank
Dr Jayashree Mondkar Runs A Human Milk Bank In Mumbai, Providing Hope For Many Newborns

Asia's first Human Milk Bank run by Dr Jayashree Mondkar at Sion Hospital, Mumbai, provides for the newborns whose mothers are unable to breastfeed for whatever reason.

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The Detox Diet
The Detox Diet By Shonali Sabherwal Gives The Reader Many Simple Hacks To A Healthier Lifestyle [#BookReview]

Aiming to clear your system of toxins that lead to many chronic illnesses? Look up The Detox Diet by Shonali Sabherwal for easy steps and tips.

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all women bike rally
An All Women Bike Rally: Reclaiming Women Power One Event At A Time

An All Women Bike Rally was flagged off across 21 cities in India on March 5th, reports our writer who took part in it herself!

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10 Essential Books For A Healthier Lifestyle For Indian Women From All Stages Of Their Life

All of us want a healthier life but don’t know where to begin. These books for a healthy lifestyle help in demystifying some truths for a healthy you.

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Why It’s More Okay To Trust Strangers Than We Think It Is!

We live in a world where our instinct is to believe that others don’t deserve our trust. A new initiative tries to prove otherwise!

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Once She Becomes A Daughter-In-Law, What Happens To My Daughter’s Freedom To Reach For Her Dreams?

Is raising daughters with freedom enough? When this daughter becomes someone's daughter in law, is she given the same freedom?

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1 Suitcase, 7 Days! Test Your Packing Quotient, Travel Lovers

Travelling light makes all the difference in the way we enjoy our holiday. A long holiday travel entails packing just the right stuff in one suitcase.

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See A Girl With A Stain? On Having Periods While Travelling

Having periods while travelling can be stressful, with few conveniences in India, but as women, we can help and empower each other.

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The Nirbhaya Fund Was Announced With Much Fanfare. What Happened To It? Find Out.

The country is still as unsafe as it was three years ago. The Nirbhaya Fund seems unutilised. How many more crimes are needed to spur the government to act?

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Nurturing Long Distance Family Relationships In Today’s Changing Times…

With work creating physical distance between parents and child, family relationships have undergone a change. Accepting reality with positivity might just be the solution.

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I Am A Military Wife Who Knows What It Is To Move Homes Frequently

How do you cope with frequent relocation? Here is an account by a military wife of what it means to be moving homes in the military.

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Sreeja Nair Tells Us What It’s Like To Be A Woman In The Indian Air Force

As the Indian Air Force await its first batch of female combat pilots, an ex-lady officer speaks about women in Air Force in India.

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Whip Up A Quick Meal For Guests With These Kitchen Hacks That Work Wonderfully For Working Women

A working woman, you want easy menus when house-guests arrive. Here are some hacks to help you plan quick meals in advance.

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What My Daughter Sees When She Sees Just A Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner, a time to think of what our mothers mean to us, and plan our Mother's Day gifts too!

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10 Safe Travel Destinations In India For An All-Woman Group

Bitten by travel bug but feeling unsafe going solo? Travel with an all-woman group to experience these safe travel destinations in India.

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4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need A Break From The Routine

While being your own boss may initially seem like a lark, it can soon feel like drudgery! Here's why entrepreneurs need a break from routine - to network, learn and grow!

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Could We Please Have A Little Praise For The Daughter-in-law?

All human beings thrive on a little praise now and then. Why, then, can there not be a little praise for the daughter-in-law? She's human, after all!

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Do Men Really Want To Treat Women As Their Equals?

We need more men to realise that women too want the 'privilege' of autonomy hitherto accordion only to one gender.

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Common Marriage Problems: Why We Need More Openness About Sex

Common marriage problems in India often stem from a lack of trust and openness, and a tendency to hide sexual issues under the carpet.

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Swayamvara In Today’s World: Let Men Win Hearts, Not Demand Them

Where is swayamvara in today's world? Why have we snatched away the tradition and the freedom of choice from women? Maybe, it's time we bring it back.

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