The Detox Diet By Shonali Sabherwal Gives The Reader Many Simple Hacks To A Healthier Lifestyle [#BookReview]

Aiming to clear your system of toxins that lead to many chronic illnesses? Look up The Detox Diet by Shonali Sabherwal for easy steps and tips.

Aiming to clear your system of toxins that lead to many chronic illnesses? Look up The Detox Diet by Shonali Sabherwal for easy steps and tips.

As a kid when most mothers insist on eating those greens most of us have screwed up our faces in defiance. And so did I. Thankfully however eating out was not that much in vogue during my childhood though I remember eating pizzas at ‘Nirula’s’ at Connaught Place, New Delhi once in a while.

With most of the meals being home-cooked with veggies, meat and poultry all in healthy quantities and accompanied with chutneys, pickles and salads, I assume my robust constitution was result of all the pain my mother took in rustling up our meals. It is only when I started cooking my own meals post marriage that at times I took short-cuts, binged on weekends and became a little careless and soon enough it showed up on my health.

More often than not our ill food choices are the main culprits in plethora of diseases making home inside our bodies and celebrity nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal’s book The Detox Diet zeroes in on this reason. India’s first practising macrobiotic counsellor; the author insists that the cause of most our ailments begin from the gut which houses the good and bad microbes and where the absorption of the food really happens.

The book explains without using too many medical terms, how immune and digestive systems work and how the food can play an active role in enhancing the body’s fighting mechanism. It goes on to explore how irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain, ageing, skin diseases, allergies, asthma, liver problems etc are all connected to the food absorption and proper digestion of food since the gut microbes control appetite, cravings and metabolism.

Thanks to a set of health conscious parents, I do not suffer from chronic ailments. But going through the different sections of the book I realized that it might still be a good idea to detox my system and wash away whatever that may be triggering hair-fall and acidity at times.

Divided into different parts, the book deals with why and how to detox over a period of time beginning with identifying the foods that may be causing sensitivity. Detox begins with refraining from having dairy, sugar, gluten, unhealthy fats, eggs, alcohol and grains for two weeks and cleaning up the stress. The cleaning up phase aims to improve balance and getting rid of bad microbes.


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Once the clean-up is achieved, author goes on to chalk out a plan to rejuvenate the digestive gut system over a fourweeks period by adding foods that repair the gut lining and increase the good microbes. By introducing whole grains, legumes, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, a healthy dose of pro-biotic in form of fermented foods and fibrous prebiotics like sweet potatoes, garlic, bananas etc that facilitate the growth of good microorganisms and aid in reducing cholesterol, the book promises improvement in skin, bowel movements, weight loss and a release of pent up emotions.

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The book also has sections dedicated to improve lifestyles habits. Shonali Sabherwal introduces oxygenation techniques through ‘pranayam’, ‘aasanas’ and body massages. She also has provided healthy yet tasteful recipes for following the entire detox diet itinerary and planner.

Blessed with non-fattening genes, I have never had to follow any strict diets yet. However this book has impressed me by its wholesome approach to a healthier lifestyle and relevant discussions on why food habits matter. With most of the prescribed foods being healthy, I guess there is no harm in trying out the complete detox and rejuvenation process on myself.

The book is conceived with an aim to guide people with health problems and chronic ailments. It may help readers diagnosed with certain health issues to overcome their ailment through food therapy and avoid certain medications in consultation with the nutritionist and the doctor. Following the diet plan may also help readers to identify trigger foods of their problems. However the book may also be useful for people who are free of any medical problems and the healthy diet plan may lead to a better lifestyle.

I liked the book and hope to follow some of it. It is not a kind of book to be read and finished instead it is one which you come back to off and on. So go on and read. Stay advised though that if readers are suffering from some serious medical health issue, it would be better to keep your health practitioner in the know of your dietary changes.

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