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Travelling light makes all the difference in the way we enjoy our holiday. A long holiday travel entails packing just the right stuff in one suitcase.

Travelling light makes all the difference in the way we enjoy our holiday. A long holiday travel entails packing just the right stuff in one suitcase.

Most of us like to get away for a holiday, a vacation from time to time. But more often we pack suitcases spilling with clothes for this occasion and that event. And then again we go about buying more stuff resulting in increase in number of items, increased airfare as extra baggage charges and whole lot of stress managing luggage.

We often forget that some things we so enthusiastically packed were never used for the entire duration of the holiday and we keep making same mistake again and again. But what if there was a check-list for travelling light with just the right stuff that you need to carry?

Let me share a few hacks for travelling light just the right way:

The Essentials:

  •  First and foremost make a list of things to do for the entire month that you are travelling. The things that go in your one suitcase will be solely dependent on your activities.
  • A small compact toilet kit with bare essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, shower gel smallest pack and razor (girls you need it for that quick and inexpensive emergency cleaning…believe me, not all places have a good salon).
  • A month long travel is sure to play tricks on your periods so might as well pack a pack of sanitary pads, tampons or cups (whichever you feel most comfortable in)
  • If you have good vision just a pair of goggles will do but if you have eyes like mine you need your spectacles, contact lenses and small bottle of lens solution as well. These are necessary item and cannot be cut down upon.
  • Medicines are mostly easily available across the counter in India but if you are travelling to western countries, a prescription is must. Best option however is to carry your own basic and special meds… what if you have cramps in middle of the night!
  • Gadgets are a necessity these days if travel is part of your work. A laptop, small high resolution digital camera, power bank, a GPS enabled cell phone and most important a multi-charger should suffice for a long vacation. And if just pleasure is your aim, you may do away with a laptop because for those selfies and quick social media updates your cell phone is all that you need.
  • At all times do carry your ID-card, passport (if travelling abroad), ATM cards and credit cards for that on the spur little splurge but for God’s sake, actually for your own sake, carry a small wallet or a waist pouch for such things and not your fancy Gucci (or the likes) clutch bag… you are travelling and not attending a who’s who gala event where your purse could be the centre of attention.
  • Unless you are travelling for just parking yourself at your relative’s home, do carry your own flash-light and a compact umbrella or not if you are sure of weather conditions of your destinations during entire trip.

Bare Necessities:

We usually give too much importance to our looks and end up putting a stack of clothes in our suitcases…half of them probably do not get used. It would help in travelling light if we cut down on number of clothes, mix and match and learn to make do with absolute bare necessities.

If travelling in India, for women, salwar-kameez or kurti-leggings is the best bet… oh come on you can’t be arguing about how men can wear anything and women have to watch it always, here. For once, please know that leggings and kurti are far more comfortable when travelling in buses or through small towns.

Here is how you can trick your one suitcase in packing more for you while following the travel light mantra.

  • Soiled clothes till such time that you can find time and place to wash and dry are better off in separate polythene bags so keep at least two spare poly-bags.
  • And while we are on soiled clothes, do keep a few sachets of detergent which could come handy if your hotel does not provide laundry service.
  • Unless you are attending a wedding somewhere, it is better to leave that oh-so-delicate dress or the gorgeous sari and lehenga at home.
  • Team up minimum three kurtis with one legging and a dupatta/chunni. If denims are what make you feel more comfortable, pair one jeans with three tops… that makes three complete dresses but still saves on space in that suitcase and of course makes for a perfect travelling light motto. With an additional pair of formals you are done packing. Reuse and recycle
  • DO NOT take white or very light shades during travelling. The darker clothes look less dirty and less crumpled.
  • Preferably pack clothes which stay wrinkle free and are easy to wash. And roll the clothes while packing so that they take up less space and all essentials can fit in one suitcase for travelling light.
  • Three pairs of undergarments should suffice and if you fancy keeping a two piece bikini, in utmost emergency it can function as another pair of under clothes as well.
  • Again if there is no pressing requirement of those stilettos please leave them in your shoe-rack and instead pack one strap-on floaters which can double up as bathroom slippers and a pair of flat shoes. You can wear the bulkier sports shoes to save on space and keeping your feet safe and comfortable.

There! Now you can go ahead and make your own list. Add subtract and you are good to go for a month long travelling – travelling light to be precise.

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