4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need A Break From The Routine

While being your own boss may initially seem like a lark, it can soon feel like drudgery! Here's why entrepreneurs need a break from routine - to network, learn and grow!

While being your own boss may initially seem like a lark, it can soon feel like drudgery! Here’s why entrepreneurs need a break from routine – to network, learn and grow!

Indian women today are in the throes of a start-up revolution! Thousands of women today wish to give wings to their passion; many start with a hobby, an experience, a problem and go on to set their own rules of work as a self-employed person or an entrepreneur.

However, being self-employed or an entrepreneur is not an easy task at all. In fact it is more hard work than a regular job calls for. Suddenly you find yourself managing finances, communicating with various people who play a role in your venture, struggling to maintain the quality of work – and make enough to pay yourself and your employees well.

All this again may overwhelm and it becomes important to take a break and look at all the work with a new perspective.

A second opinion, a new insight, a perspective unthought of –  is what your venture might need from people who have been there and done that.  A few years back, I had started a home-based venture of hand-crafted candles. I put up a successful exhibition, sold almost all my candles and broke even with whatever I had spent in material and stall rent. I even made a few contacts who showed interest in my hand-crafted candles. However, due to a very limited knowledge of business, my venture could not take off as I had dreamt of.

I often wonder whether the story would have been different if I had someone to brainstorm with and think anew.

That is exactly the rationale behind the #BreakingBarriers initiative by Women’s Web. Recently, the #BreakingBarriers events at Bangalore and Mumbai saw many women like me attend the sessions and go back feeling energised from the discussions.

Here are the opinions of some ambitious women who benefited from the event and their 6 reasons on why it’s important to take a day off your routine work and push yourself to get out there to network, learn and grow!

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1.Learn something new

Events such as this, with a panel of accomplished and experienced speakers in different fields are enriching and informative. Invariably, we find that there is learning that hasn’t come our way before. “I liked the event because there was not a dull moment. Back to back talks and panel discussions on related topics actually helped gain more insight. The speakers were very good, accomplished and experts in their fields,” feels Tanushree Nair, the entrepreneur behind the upcycling business, Karaashilp.

2. Profitable networking

Attending events like ‘Breaking Barriers’ gives an excellent opportunity to network with focused attendees who could be your potential vendors, customers or collaborators. As one entrepreneur put it, “Having moved to this city recently, I was looking for an opportunity to connect with people in the business front. #Breakingbarriers provided the best platform for it. It was a great way to share and learn – ideas.”

3. Inspiration via Storytelling

Such events bring together women from various fields together. Women venturing into entrepreneurship or self employment get inspiration from the success (or failure!) stories of some of the brightest women entrepreneurs. As Roshni Baronia, the entrepreneur behind Little Charms puts it, “It was so motivating to be amongst such empowered women who are doing so good professionally. Following this event, every day I have a light bulb lighting in my mind and I get onto putting it into my marketing planner!”

4. Professional feedback

Listening to speakers at such events is a perfect learning platform for tricks of the trade, be it brand building, content marketing or steps to exploit social media to the fullest. Inderpreet Uppal was happy to see speakers willing to share trade secrets and attendees getting full support in the form of feedback. As she says “It was an event that was tailor made for the needs of freelance workers like me. I was able to come away with practical, insightful and easily implemented ideas to take my work to the next level. I enjoyed meeting the speakers, interacting with them and fellow entrepreneurs as well. Many connections were made! Already implemented a couple of ideas! Thank you and I look forward for more such sessions.”

Mumbai is the last city in the March-April edition of #BreakingBarriers for women in business. Don’t forget to sign up here to receive a pass from Women’s Web.

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